Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No, Really, Don't Make Me Laugh

My incision hurts when I laugh that hard.

Two weeks ago I had my first post partum OB appointment. It was with the doctor who assisted in my C-section. I get the sense that she is one of the more senior docs - and perhaps was even a bit insulted that she "assisted" in the surgery while I selected a less senior doc as the primary surgeon. Not sure. Just a hunch.

During the post partum visit, she inspected my incision and said I was recovering right on schedule. Then she said something that made me laugh out loud. I didn't mean to be rude...but...really....

She said, "So have you given any thought to what type of birth control you'd like to use? I suggest the mini pill because it won't interfere with or affect breast feeding."

Yep. I laughed.

Birth control? Is she kidding?

I'll be 44 years old in two weeks. I tried relentlessly to get pregnant since getting married in the fall of 2006. I did get pregnant - twice in 2007 - and within short order miscarried each of them. All the diagnostics, all the exams, all the wands, all the lab results - indicating that my eggs are old, friable, wasted, decrepit, useless little things, if they even exist anymore at all.

And she is worried that I might get pregnant and therefore suggests birth control?

Silly doctor.

All I could muster between guffaws was, "You know this was an ART baby" and she said yes, she knew, but it could happen.

Well, you know what I say? I say that if God now sees fit to grace me with an old fashioned pregnancy, I guess I'll just accept it.

Birth control, smirth control.

And just for the record, it was one year ago today that my DH and I made our first trip to the Clinic to meet the RE and the doctor who would perform the transfer, to get our cycle schedule, and to see photographs of our Baby Bunny's two school-age siblings. One year ago today I began to dream.