Saturday, March 6, 2010

Counting Down

I am double posting and at my new site

Let the transition begin!

Five days and counting!

Actually, it is technically less than five days now.

Holy crap. Is this real?

So, here's a peek at the past few days:

* My Mom.
She is here. Yes, she has driven me nuts on numerous occasions already. It's all about her after all. Since I told her (a few weeks back) that I will be taking 6 months maternity leave and won't be going back to work until September (which she didn't know because she never asked), she decided that if she can't find a house to buy here this week, she'll go spend time with other people in other cities and just come back in September.

That hurt.

I mean, uh, so you don't care that you won't see my baby (yes, your grandson, even if not your flesh and blood) AT ALL until he is 6 months old. I have to wonder if it would be different if the baby had been a girl (her preference).

But she still wanted me to drive her on Friday to go look at a new housing development. Which I did. Even though I have to recline waaay back in the seat to drive and my DH didn't want me to go. And she was rude to the sales lady. And she bitched about 100 things wrong with the development all the way home.

Me + my mom = love/frustration/guilt/anger/annoyance

Yes, still love first, but followed by a whole string of emotions that leave me stressed.

* OB appointment
Friday morning was my last appointment before the big day. It was with the doc who will be doing my C-section. She is soooo reassuring and nice. DH came to the appointment and asked a few questions. We did an u/s and yes, baby is still head up (which I guess I knew). The whole thing is surreal.

My DH's buddy stopped by the other day. He and his wife have an 8 year old and a 3 year old. He was politely interested in our plans and asked some questions and offered to give us their 5k jog stroller and travel crib. Cool! A couple of my girlfriends offered to stop by after the baby is born and bring food so we don't have to cook. These are the guests I wouldn't mind coming by in the weeks after we get home. Family/in-laws I think would stress me out. Friends - love!

* Baby Stuff
We bought a baby swing. We put it together this morning. I hated it. I thought it was messed up, the parts didn't fit properly, it seemed unsafe and that's what we get for buying a clearance swing. My DH thought we should put a bag of flour in the seat and try it for a few days. I said flatly "I won't use it." We disassembled it, took it back and bought a different one. :) He has indulged my every whim. What a great guy.

We went to Ikea today and bought a bookshelf thingy (I LOVED the one An Offering of Love got for her nursery, but our little room is too small for that size and we had to get the mini one). Anyway, my DH offered to go by himself to get it, but I was determined to go and walk through the store. I did fine - for a while. Then I got tired and pinchy and owie and the baby and the fluid were sloshing and weighing down in my pelvis and....I was about done. It was all I could manage to get out to the car. Funny how my mind is still in "go go go" mode but the body just won't comply.

My glider was delivered! I love it!

* Plan for the week
My DH is worried that my water will break when he is not here (I think it was today's Ikea trip that scared him). He is planning to work at home all week so he'll be here. He is kind of in panic mode, and I'm feeling calm and sure that things will go just fine.

Tuesday morning we take my mom to the airport. DH was going to take her, but since my water might break while he's gone (hee hee hee), he wants me to come with him. I just laugh because his attentiveness is really quite cute.

Wednesday is our last day home. Alone.

Thursday I become a mom.


Lorraine said...

Ack! Your mom is a piece of work! But once she sees that little guy she'll be less aloof. Her grandmotheriness will kick in, right?

Good luck at the new site! I'll pop over and see how it's going!

Anonymous said...

Your mom is just a piece of work. My bet is she will melt when BWUB jr shows up. BUT if she doesn't, are you seriously considering allowing her to do childcare? Not to worry about that for now, though! It seems totally bizarre to me that she is leaving right before the birth.

You are doing great, I'm so excited he's almost here! I love how attentive dh is being, that's is how he SHOULD be. Making you feel cared for and all. Perfect. Take care and happy daydreaming!

K said...'s here. He's almost here. Seems so crazy, and yet, about time!!! Wishing you the best this week. You and meinsideout both get to go the same day! I will migrate over to your new blog. Can I follow that? I couldn't tell. If you password protect can I be included. I think you have my email, but here it is again. speclk2 at hotmail dot com. Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your mom is being such a pain. Crazy how she's planning on just coming back later and not even meeting her grandson...I can't even imagine how a grandmother could do that.

DH is being so sweet worrying about you like that! It's great how he comes through for you in clutch situations like that.

I can't wait for Thursday for you. It's so're almost there!