Friday, November 6, 2009

21-week Update

Caution - all things pregnancy discussed.

I hope Dawn doesn't mind my copying her format. I want to chronicle a pregnancy status update.

How far along? 21 weeks

Total weight gained? 11 pounds (this picture makes me look tinier than I really am - my butt and thighs feel out of control)

Maternity clothes: Bought my second maternity shirt today. Mostly just wearing long shirts and cardigans. Maternity pants - yes - but because they are so stretchy, they tend to slide down each time I stand up after sitting. I have to keep hiking them up.

Sleep: Trouble sleeping on my side. I was a belly-sleeper. Awake a lot during the night.

Best Moment of the Week: While awake at 3:30 am last night, I think I felt baby boy move! Weird belly bubble sensations. Interesting.

Food Craving: No. I always liked sweets!

Food Aversions: No.

Morning Sickness: None.

Belly Button: Same deep innie it's always been.

Wedding rings: Still on.

What I Miss: Pants that don't slide down, sushi, wine.

What I Love: My bump.

What I'm looking forward to: Finally getting my hair cut and colored this week!

Milestone: Half way through my pregnancy!

Purchases: Today I bought myself one mat shirt, a bigger bra and one cute baby outfit that says "My Mommy Loves Me"...because I do!


stillhopeful said...

Wow - your picture looks great! What a cute little bump, I don't blame you for loving it! :) At 21w, I was wearing nothing but maternity clothes, no way could I wear my regular shirts. Sounds like a great pregnancy so far, no food aversions or cravings or sickness. And I bet that was your little boy moving - it's hard to tell at first, but it does feel like bubbles in the beginning. That's the greatest feeling!!!

Gina said...

Your bump is adorable! I felt my little guy moving around around then also and at first it feels like little bubbles/flutters. I bet that was him you felt!

cindyhoo2 said...

Sweet! And what a cute little baby bump you have there. :)

Fran said...

I totally love your bump too!! I think I may be going for a hair-restyle this week also, so hopefully I can show off my bump sometime soon next year :o)

Lots of love, Fran

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Aw, so cute - I love these kinds of pg updates. Otherwise, from a distance, it always seems like my bloggy friend's pregnancies go by so fast. Wishing you a continued sweet ride!

Mad Hatter said...

Look at YOU! All pregnant and yummy tummy!!! You look AWESOME! Glad you went shopping and got yourself (and your beautiful, soon-to-be-kicking-up-a-storm boy) some things! I can't wait to enter the new demographic of maternity and baby!! I'm so happy for you, my dear friend - I know you are going to be such an amazing mommy!

embieadoptmom said...

You are so tiny my sister! WOW! LOVE all your "stats".

just me, dawn said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy to see your perfect bump :) I think I will add purchases to my list (maybe gifts too since I have such wonderful friends in love with oink baby things, thanks fr the idea).... and can you believe it? halfway there? WOO-HOO!

Anonymous said...

what an adorable little bump, it's going to grow fast from now on in! I also miss pants that don't slide down, congrats on feeling bubba move for the first time too :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, you are like a tiny twig with a cute little bump! I am insanely jealous of how great you look pregnant (and of course, of the fact that you ARE pregnant!) and I'm so happy you have passed the 1/2 way point. Best of luck!

BB said...

Wow! I love your picture! I'll have to send one your way soon. I'm a tiny bit bigger :) By the way, I've tagged you! Visit my blog to see what that means!

Oh and I still owe you an email back! Will do that soon!


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