Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Leering Dr. Creepy and E2 Anxiety (Updated)

I had an appointment at the OMC this morning. Dr. Creepy did the U/S. I think he's a bit of a perv. He's the only one who does not knock or call out a "hello?" before entering the room. He's also the only one who feels the need to sit down between my knees once I'm in position, lift the paper drape and have himself a good long stare before taking the wand and doing the job. One of the other docs doesn't even sit and barely glances down to locate the target. That doc stands the whole time and watches the monitor. Not Dr. Creepy. I'm just waiting one of these days for him to be so close "down there" that I feel his breath. Gross. Sorry.

Ovaries quiet, lining thin. Good things. Just waiting for my E2 results. Pending those, my coordinator already called and said if the E2 is fine, I'll start Delestrogen tomorrow and if everything stays on track, my FET will be July 1st or 2nd.

I have been more relaxed this cycle, but I'll become more anxious once I start the Delestrogen. Last time my E2 spiked too high. My Delestrogen dosage this time will be 1/3 less than my dosage last time. Hopefully that will allow me to stay in range. I know I have no control, but I'll be worried about the level anyway. I just want to get to transfer this time.

E2 was fine. I can start Delestrogen and other meds tomorrow. I will have an U/S and b/w in a week.

Here's my manatra:
Perfect E2!
Thick, thick lining!
No Dr. Creepy!


IVF 40+ said...

what a creep! ugh. I have one of those at my clinic. I think he is really into the gel - I am always covered in the stuff when i leave.

Great news that all is going well. very exciting!

cindyhoo2 said...

Okay, the thought of feeling his hot creepy breath on your 'area' freaks me out!!! Big time! Yuck!!!

On the other note, I am hopeful too that your estrogen levels stay in the correct range so that you get to have a transfer.

Cheer: "Estrogen stay low... but not too low, the babies are coming home!" Yay yay yay *imagine my perky self jumping around the room with pom pons*

NoodleGirl said...

Oh gross! I had a pediatrician when I was a pre-teen who used to feel up my little boobies every chance he got. It wasn't until I was 16 (and long gone from that guy, he had moved) that I was talking to a couple of other friends who had gone to him too and they reported that they had never had that sort of of exam with him. Pervert!

Any method to the madness of when he's scheduled? Maybe you can avoid him in the future? Also, does your clinic have an anonymous suggestions box? Maybe you can drop a note in there, haha. It would probably humiliate him, but it also probably might work!

GL with your E2 levels, sounds like everything it chugging along well!

just me, dawn said...

eewwww....that's creepy. fingers crossed that your levels cooperate!

Sandra D. said...

That is totally creepy! I never quite understand why anyone would want to be a gynecologist, but to take such pleasure in his work (or be so engrossed by it) is a little bit offsetting. But maybe it means he's really good at his job :-)

As for being anxious, I totally understand. It's so hard when you aren't in control, and these pesky bodies of ours don't allow us that luxury very often. I'm keeping everything crossed :-)

Anonymous said...

Ewww! Sorry you have to deal with a perv - I am so glad my doc is one of the "no looking, always standing" types. He barely even says a word - I guess I should be glad. Anyway, sounds like we are only a few days off - my transfer is scheduled for June 30. Sending good vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is super gross! In all of the u/s's with all of the different RE's and nurses that I've had (which is a lot), not a single one of them ever sat down, and certainly none of them ever stared at my stuff first. Creepy!

I'm thinking such great thoughts for low E2 for you! I can't believe your transfer is only two weeks away. I'm so excited!!!

Inlocoparentis said...

My practice has a "Dr. Creepy" too. My Ob/Gyn actually warned us before making the referral - "he's good, but sort of acts like a serial killer." Congrats on the good E2!

looking4#3 said...

OMG, all the way on the east coast and I have a perv doc too!!! I always cancel his appointments and reschedule to one of the other partners!!! Thank God I have to have a scheduled c-section and he will NOT be the one doing it!!!

So glad things are on course. Maybe there are some "special" fireworks on the way!!!

stillhopeful said...

Yuck! I've been fortunate enough to never have a Dr Creepy. Like you need something else to stress you out!

Good luck with the levels, fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

that's totally disgusting, I get that he might need to see what he's doing but there's no need to stare.

Glad your E2 was fine, sending loads of good thoughts for your u/s and b/w next week