Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who Have I Become?

I am approaching my 25th week of pregnancy. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm actually pregnant.

Then again....

My body has changed in so many ways.

My bump is medium sized now, and although I can still squat down and stand back up, bending over is difficult. I don't fold in half in the middle anymore. AH! That's why pregnant women do that familiar and recognizable back-arching elbow-lift from a chair maneuver. It's not the extra weight that's so much the problem as the fact that you simply cannot lean forward to get enough leverage to stand up!

My innie belly button is opening up! I can just about see down into it (or I could if I could lean forward a little further). It used to be more pinched shut. Interesting (yes, folks, you caught me contemplating my navel!)

My boobs are...well...incredible. Wow. I was a "barely B" pre-pregnancy. Of course I don't have a tiny waist or tiny hips to make me look fantastic, but still, it's strange but fascinating to see myself with such full breasts and real, live cleavage!

Thankfully, I don't see any stretch marks anywhere - yet. I suppose those most likely show up during the final month when baby makes a final growth spurt. I've been diligent in slathering myself daily with moisturizing lotion, so hopefully I'll keep the worst of it at bay.

My nails and hair are growing like wildfire! Didn't I just get my hair colored? I already see quarter-inch roots growing out.

I hiccup randomly. Just one. One, single hiccup. I don't anticipate it or realize it's going to happen until - HIC - it's out of my mouth. Kooky.

I am out of breath so easily. With the slightest amount of exertion, my belly cramps a tiny bit and I have to lean back and catch my breath. It happened when I walked roughly 5 or 6 blocks at a moderately brisk pace to meet friends for lunch last week. And to think that a co-worker and I used to take a mini exercise break at work and run the 16 flights of stairs in our building - up and down three times without stopping!

No dark line running downward from my belly button and no "mask of pregnancy." I guess these are the benefits of being a redhead (for some reason we are not prone to these changes).

Sleep. I simply cannot get comfortable. I used to be a happy belly sleeper. Now I have pillows on both sides of me. Support here, support there. The problem is that I wake up after a few hours with a stiff hip, or a kink in my spine, or (this sounds weird) the baby feels like he's "slipped" way over into my dependent hip and so my belly feels's always something. I am always awake at 3 am. For at least an hour. Sometimes I'm also awake at 1:00 and at 5:00. The bright side is I'll be right in the swing of things to get up and feed the baby every few hours.

Finally, and thankfully, I still feel great, have lots of energy (until I'm winded, anyway) and am delightfully shocked every time I look at myself in the mirror.


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Aww, I love hearing all these updates! I feel like I'm truly on this pregnancy journey with you! Sending you lots of keep-the-big-boobies and keep-away-those-stretchmarks vibes! I have a bizarre obsession with avoiding stretchmarks should I ever get a sticky pg ;).

just me, dawn said...

sounds perfect :) loving that you are having a great pregnancy!

Fran said...

Oh my dear, I think you need to post immediately an updated photo!! I am so happy to hear you so ... happy yourself, I can't wait to read your posts you know? Keep well my friend you have achieved something amazing!

cindyhoo2 said...

What a fun update! I love all the happy (and odd) littel things you are noticing. I am also glad that you are embracing the joy in being pregnant.

stillhopeful said...

Sounds like you are having a great pregnancy! The belly button thing is so weird - isn't it so funny how it gets flatened out like that??

And I hate to tell you, the uncomfortable sleeping thing does not get better. I wake up several times every night to pee (ah, just wait til that comes back in the 3rd tri!), and my hips and ribs are always stiff from sleeping on my sides only. I've tried all kinds of body pillows, and even added a mattress topper to give me more cushion, but it's just plain uncomfortable.

And the amount of growth gets pretty amazing. Just last week I was looking at myself getting a little nervous about how big I'll be after 5 more weeks. How much more can my belly stretch??? But I guess nature knows what it's doing!!

embieadoptmom said...

AWW!! You are so adorable! LOVE hearing about all you are experiencing! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love reading the pregnancy updates. It's simply amazing to watch these changes happen, isn't it? And to wake up and look in the mirror and notice how quickly your body has gone through such massive changes...I just can't get over it. I agree, post another picture for us! I think I might just post a photo of my own one of these days. Anyway, I'm so glad that you are enjoying your pregnancy so much. We are so lucky to be able to experience it!

Gwynn said...

YAY!! You just hit the best bump phase. You've passed the lookin' like you've eaten too many hamburgers phase and you're into the cute phase, where you will thankfully be for quite a while, before you pass, of course, onto the obnoxiously big phase.

I remember the out of breath thing. It just about killed me. I'd feel dizzy after walking up one flight of stairs to my office.

Thanks for sharing! It's so fun to read along and take a trip down memory lane.