Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

First, the good news. Bring on the mini candy canes. I aced my glucose tolerance test.

Funny how anyone who'd ever taken the test before moaned and groaned to me about how awful the whole procedure was. Hm. Not so. Can I just say that the very sweet, sugary lemon-lime chilled beverage was tasty? Yeah. It was. I gulped it down and went to my OB appointment. The sugar had my kid on a high, and he was kicking and dancing up a storm!

In other news....

Our built in microwave oven stopped working. It's built in, so you can't even find the electrical cord. Crap. Remember the beat up old microwave my DH had stored out in the garage? The one I'd bugged him to get rid of? He gleefully dusted it off, brought it inside, and plopped it on the counter. Ugh. In his world, if something breaks, you just stop using it. If it drips, you put a pan under it. If it chips, you use it till it breaks completely. I mean - OH. NO.


My DH's company had their holiday party. He came home with a basket they'd given him in honor of his 5 years of service. It had a $100 visa gift card in it. A hundred bucks! Visions of baby things danced in my mind. Him? He was licking his lips wondering how many CDs that'll buy him. Not that he doesn't already own 8,275 CDs.

I said, "You could spend it on baby things, you know. We're going to need a lot of things."

Him: You're kidding, right?

Me: No, I'm not kidding. You wouldn't get something for your kid?

Him: I am getting him something. I'm giving him a house to live in.

Me: [Shooting extremely dirty look and voice dripping with sarcasm] "Mm. Big of you."

He didn't speak to me for the rest of the night. He went to bed without saying good night.

Um, excuse me, but one who rudely refuses to make the smallest sacrifice for the sake of their kid can be mad all he wants. I sacrificed to the freaking moon and back for this baby. All the physical crap I endured. It was my money that financed the whole thing. And now HE has the nerve to be selfish over a crummy $100 gift card?

You have GOT to be kidding me.

And last but not least.

Here is what is awaiting me at work on Monday. It arrived Thursday. I asked my secretary to put her hand on it for perspective. Yeah. The abusive opposing counsel on the other side of this case filed two new motions. This stack of papers? That's all of two motions. Our opposition papers are due when? December 24. Really. It's going to take that long just to read all of that!

Need I say it? You've got to be kidding me.

Well, none of it amounts to the end of the world. I realize that. Just enough frustration to remind me that life ain't perfect.


tootertotz said...

Quick...hijack that gift card and buy yourself a few hours at the spa/masseuse. Then when you return home sufficiently pampered and relaxed, just smile and tell him that you earned're busy baking his little boy! And promise him you'll never bring up his selfishness in front of his son...he'll be mortified the very instant he meets his boy that he ever thought of himself first. Haha!

Good luck and much energy to you as you plow through work in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully, your firm will hire that new associate sooner rather than later.

IVF 40+ said...

Holy hell look at the paper. How ... what... why... wha...?? I just had an mental meltdown thinking thru how one is supposed to read, digest and respond by 12/24 (assholes!!)
And DH! he gets second place.

But you ... you super preggo person - you passed your test!! Well done and wonderful.

thanks for all your help and support in the midst of all this work. I really appreciate it.

Gwynn said...

I'm TOTALLY with you on the sugary drink! Not so bad, right?! After doing it, I too was confused about all the complaints. (And I'm not a real sugar person.)

HOLY CRAP that's a load of paper! My heart goes out to you about that and your DH's choice on the gift card. Just remember, guys really don't get it completely until the baby becomes interactive. They fall in love, but not really, madly and deeply until there's a back and forth relationship. And then... it's head over heels!

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on both my blogs! Each time I see that you've commented it brings a smile to my face. I'm sorry I've been such I crummy reciprocator, I've been a little overwhelmed lately. But, hey I just made up for it in one fell swoop... I just commented on your past 8 or 9 posts. (But knowing what's going on at your work, no pressure to go back and read them!)

Serendipity said...

congrats on passing the GTT - and may I say you totally suck for liking that disgusting vomit-inducing stuff ;) Although I have heard it comes down to what version of the drink you get, mine was like lemonade syrup before they add the soda but I've heard of orange versions which are apparently even worse!

I agree with tootertotz - hijack that card and go get yourself a pregnancy massage!

I also can't believe your opposing counsel, that's one serious wad of paper!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Ugh, guys can be SUCH babies! It's bad enough that his first thought was to go spend the gc on himself, but when you pointed out that it'd be better spent on the baby, it was pretty bad that he didn't immediately agree. But then to sulk about it all night? The bean in your stomach clearly isn't the biggest baby in the house. UGH!! Did he at least apologize the next morning?

Buy yay for passing the glucose test! I've never made it that far in pregnancy to have taken one, but after almost 3 years of TTC, I've become a test addict. Test me for everything, go ahead! I love me some testing! So glad you don't have to give up the candy canes.

And ugh, I don't envy you that brief. I toyed with going to law school after college, enough that I took the Kaplan and the LSATs, but stories like this make me so happy that I flaked out of going. I would not have made a good lawyer -- I can't even join a book club because I hate reading things that other people choose for me. Many hopes that the new asscociate gets hired this week!

Riley said...

Congrats on passing the glucose test - glad it wasn't a horrible experience. I'm sitting here wondering if your hubby has had a change of heart by now. Men can be so selfish sometimes - mine has pulled the same sort of thing when he has gotten a gift of money and I suggested spending it on something for the house and he'd look at me like I had lost my mind because it was HIS gift and he was going to get something for HIM. Granted, we didn't have a baby involved, so I'd hope he'd respond differently, but hearing about your husband, sounded vaguely familiar. I hope he sees the selfishness of his ways soon. And wow - that is one mountain of paper. I have many friends who are attorneys and like Lara said - I do not envy them at all when I hear stories like this. I feel for you - hang in there and try not to overdo it. You can only do so much, yourself.

stillhopeful said...

Congrats on the test! I thought the syrup was pretty nasty, but nothing to complain about. I think its the people who fail the one hour test then have to do the three hour test that I've heard the most complaints from. More from having to sit in the lab for 3 hours than anything else!!

Wow - you have your work cut out for you with all that reading, yikes!! I don't think I could do it. I have to review complex excel spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations in my job and I'll take that any day over a stack of reading like that!!

Silly reaction from the hubby, for sure. I've read sometimes that husbands can feel a little jealous or "displaced" when the first child comes along. That they can be afraid that everything will be about the baby, and they will no longer have a place in the marriage or attention from the wife. Maybe he's feeling a little of that?

cindyhoo2 said...

Oh my goodness! That is a seriously large stack of papers. Quite rude if you ask me.... but I am betting lawyers and motions don't get really bent about etiquite and such. :)

As for your DH: you are so right! You would have shared the Visa. tsk tsk. I wish I could blame it on his gender but my D might do the same thing except spend the $ at Coldwater Creek. Hrmph. Here is my fix: buy him less for Christmas than you would normally and internally think of it as a selfishness tax. (Ok ok, it is passive-aggressive but still a fun thought) And as for the microwave thing, yikes, now he feels totally justified in holding onto old crap.

Excellent news on your testing. I also never got round to commenting on you last post--- cute belly!

Mad Hatter said...

I'm a little late in catching up, so please do forgive me!

As one who lives with a father, I have found it quite amazing to watch how he manages to balance his sacrifices for his child with his own needs. I guess we all have to do it as parents to a certain degree - take care of our children while not completely forgetting ourselves. I totally understand your desire to spend that Visa card on baby things. At the same time, my guess is that your DH is thinking this last little while before the baby comes is his last chance to be selfish - kind of like throwing himself a baby bachelor party...As many have said before me, I firmly believe that once the baby is no longer a big belly to him, but an individual person, he will be jello. Speaking of big bellies, I need to go check out your latest belly shots!!