Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Door Number 1, Door Number 2 or Door Number 3?

I have this memory of my Dad taking my two sisters and I to a toy store once. I would guess that I was between 8 and 10 years old. He surprised us by turning into the toy store parking lot, and said each of us could choose a toy (I'm sure he imposed a dollar limit, but I recall it being fairly generous).

My sister M went and found the doll she wanted in no time. Holding the box in her hands she peered at the doll's smiling face through the clear cellophane. My younger sister, T, chose one of those toy sets that included plastic high heels, a bracelet, a necklace and maybe even a ring.

Me? I wandered from aisle to aisle, shelf to shelf. Maybe this? Maybe that? Maybe a game? Maybe a doll? Maybe a stuffed animal? Maybe a card game? I couldn't decide!

There were a thousand choices, and I realized that once I committed to one of them, the remaining options would no longer be available to me. How could I give up on all those possibilities?

So, as long as I did not choose, I could have anything. But once I made a selection, that would be it.

I was stuck in this crazy dilemma. I mean, I was a kid being offered the chance to choose a toy! C'mon! This is what childhood dreams are made of. And yet, as I looked at and considered item after item, possibility after possibility, I began to loathe the idea of sacrificing everything else by choosing one.

My sisters were becoming impatient.

"C'mon BWUB, just pick something!" M whined.

"How about this nice stuffed doggie?" little T suggested, pointing to a very cute stuffed animal.

My eyes grew wider. I was being pressured to choose. They urged me more and more (although my sweet Dad, the most patient man on earth, just waited, following me from aisle to aisle as I tried to decide).

Ultimately, I made the only decision I could.

I turned to my Dad and said quietly, "I don't think I want to choose anything."

"Nothing?" he asked, a bit incredulous.

"No. I don't see anything I want." I replied. Now that wasn't entirely true. I did see things I wanted, I just couldn't bring myself to choose one above the others.

He paid for my sisters' items and we left the store. I remember thinking about it all the way home - the fact that I couldn't bring myself to decide. I swear this is a true story, and I was honestly relieved that I didn't have to choose.

// And so......... //

I'm not sure I like the colors I painted the baby's room. Blue and yellow. I'm not sure they are the colors I want to choose. I'm having a hard time deciding.

Yes, even after I taped and painted.

Today I was googling nursery murals, and now I'm thinking, hm, a mural might be kind of cool. I mean, check these out:

Okay, I can't do anything too fancy or intricate, but even if I did something a little simpler, most of them have backgrounds that are pale - like oatmeal color. Which means I'd have to re-paint, or find some way to incorporate a one-wall mural into the colors I have.

Or maybe I should just finish what I have, put things on the walls, get the furniture into place and say "What a nice room I made."

Oh, choices, choices. How to decide?


cindyhoo2 said...

I love love love the second mural. It reminds me of "Where the Wild Things Are." I have seen people do similar trees in various colors and kind of overlapping. If you chose a blue wall, you could do trees in green, tan, yellow, etc. I know you can buy huge stencils of trees also. Just a thought. Here is another: if you get bored of your choice, you can change the theme in a few months or a year. This is your chance-- go crazy!

niobe said...

The murals are gorgeous, so I can see why you'd be tempted. I think a blue background would work well with a mural, if that's what you wanted.

How about waiting a few days and seeing how you feel? And, as cindyhoo already pointed out, if you change your mind, you can always repaint.

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

I agree with Cindy & Niobe -- sit on it a few days and see how you feel. My only concern with the mural is that if you didn't love it after it was on the wall, it'd be alot harder to switch gears again. My advice would be to sit on the blue & yellow and keep googing until you find the perfect color combo and/or mural. Keep working it! You and baby deserve a nursery that feels just right.

Fran said...

Oh, isn't it just the very thing? I love the murals too, but what if you then get tired of looking at them? I agree with the girls though, sit on it for a few days, perhaps, if you had more time to chose the toy you would have eventually picked one (if you are like me....with a lots of rational evaluations!!). Much love, Fran

just me, dawn said...

Decisions decisions! so hard, As we haven't settled yet since we sold our townhouse I have decided to go with decals, they have one use ones and reusable so that you can rearrange if you like.....maybe that is an option? here is the site I am considering:
and then another idea I had (which really works for a boy) is: Scenes Wall Panel

I love that not using a mural gives you options......but I also do love the murals :) You will choose the right answer, no matter what!

IVF 40+ said...

I love that the content of your post is about what to chose for your little one. I just love it.

K said...

Ok, the murals are adorable. And I know you were reconsidering the paint color. But c'mon??? Do you have too much time on your hands? (She says with a snicker.) I'm sure whatever you CHOSE the first time is just wonderful. Cut yourself some slack.

tireegal68 said...

I love that story:)
I am not a big fan of murals:(
I love blue and yellow:)
Not that it's all about me or anything!!!
You rock, girl! You'll figure it out.
Whatever you do, I want to see pictures:)
Pretty please!

Anonymous said...

That story it is BEST! I love your dad. I'm sure your mom means well, but you are all worked up about the colors now - and really, all that MATTERS is that you have a space filled with love. Corny but SOOOO true! These rooms that looks like magazine ads are fine, but the baby won't care. YOU are the one who actually cares about the room til the kiddo is make it the way YOU like!

I'm sure whatever you pick will be great - blue could work with a mural just fine if it's the right blue. Haha! Your mom will come inspect! We (meaning I) painted our little guy's room blue on the bottom, put in a chair rail with a tiny shelf (4") all around the room, and the top white. The bottom I sponge painted (the blue base was kinda light, not quite sky blue) with the white and lighter blue paint, and the effect is like denim! Who would have thought? It turned out great and we loved it - and our guy just turned 8 and he likes his room, not too babyish. But again, paint is cheap and I'll be happy to paint when our guy is ready!

BB said...

No matter what you go with - it will be wonderful, I'm sure of it. I think I agree with some others in that if you do grow tired of looking at it, it will be harder to paint again once the baby comes BUT I'm sure a lot of people paint their kids rooms over more than they would like. :) 10 weeks and counting!! Holy moly T!