Monday, January 25, 2010

Whine Fest

I'm cranky. Cranky and crabby.

What's up with that? Do pregnancy hormones kick in differently at this point? I was pretty even keeled most of the past 32 weeks. At least I think I was.

Over the weekend I got emotional over silly little things. I knew they were silly as I stood in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror, sobbing. I just felt like I needed to cry.

Then I felt really crabby Sunday evening when, after having 2 beers with lunch, my DH decided to keep drinking for the rest of the afternoon/evening. He wasn't bombed - he paced himself - but I could tell he had a nice buzz going for the rest of the day, and his stupid buzzed comments/questions/behavior made me feel angry. I left the room in silence and went to find something to do alone.

I was cranky all day today. I got every red light on the way to the office, I gave myself a nice paper cut, and I felt irritable when a meeting lasted, for what I felt was, way too long. My patience felt short with my co-workers.

Physically, I am becoming a bit more uncomfortable. Of course this is to be expected. I'm getting less sleep, I'm becoming more short of breath, and I can feel and hear my heart beat (from the increased blood volume, I presume), which is a bit unnerving sometimes. And, it goes without saying, that my back aches and my belly feels stretched.

Looking for the silver lining, baby boy is moving with great vigor today. I feel good about him, even if he is breech. I've been open to the possibility of a C-section all along, and although it's not what I want, the thought doesn't upset me. Safety...all I want is his safety and well being.

So the bottom line is this: nothing is horrible, things are normal, but I feel like I want to lie down and take a nap and not have anyone bug me about anything...for, oh, the next 7 weeks or so.

Is this the result of hormones? I don't like feeling this way, and rationally, I know that I have nothing to feel crabby about.


IVF 40+ said...

yes, I was told that the crankiness is in the first 12 weeks and towards the end of the pregnancy and all due to hormones.
Also, your getting really close to 'the event' and no matter how much experience you have had its still a but overwhelming. Totally normal reaction to a rather important (and amazing) event, no?
Hang in there. Be gentle with yourself and mean to everyone else!

cindyhoo2 said...

Holy shite, I must be pregnant too!!! Aside from the growing belly, I feel the same way.

And yes, I think you are normal. My sister was VERY irritable during her 3 tri.

Hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah the joys of late pregnancy! I think scheduled pampering on a regular basis is in order. It's easier to be nice to people if you've just had a massage...

Good luck!

Lorraine said...

Well, I have no patience for anything anymore, but I thought that was just because I'm so nervewracked all the time.

I am definitely grouchier in general since I've started sleeping so badly. Plus, I can't bend over (I had to get one of those grabber things because I'm not supposed to bend or twist) so I feel like a parade-baloon person, just wafting around in my upright position. Since I'm mostly on the couch it's not that bad, but when I have to stand up it's like I'm a bug stuck on it's back - seriously, it is hard to stand up without bending!

I doubled my daughter's allowance this week and added daily neck and shoulder rubs to her list of chores. She's actually pretty good at it, and it does make me feel better!

stillhopeful said...

Hey crabby! (just kidding!)

I was definitely a little more cranky and had a little less patience with everyone towards the end. I think it's the hormones, the inability to get really comfortable, plus the stress of getting everything ready on time that all combines to make us a little nutty at the end.

Hang in there!

Mad Hatter said...

Oh poor you! Can you take a day off work just to sleep and be good to yourself? Maybe get a mani/pedi? I have no idea what it feels like to go through such a hormonal storm, but I imagine it's like PMS times gentle with yourself and do whatever feels good right now - I'm so thrilled for you! You're going to be a mommy! YAY!!! :-)

tireegal68 said...

I know when I get beside myself crabby - usually late at night I have figured out just to stop what I am trying to do and lie down - or chill or get away from what is bothering me - but I guess that doesn't work for your workday.
It sounds miserable - I hope you can get whatever rest and relaxation you can in between your obligations:)

Fran said...

Oh my friend, can I just send you a very very big and gentle hug? Here...


Holly said...

Oh yes, I see your crabbiness, emotionalness and raise you the worst heartburn ever imaginable...that was my last 12 weeks! But I never cried when I looked in the mirror, I LOVED my big fat prego body.(I cry when I look in the mirror now!!)

Hang in there! It is gonna fly by.

And BTW-if he is still breech when you get to 32-37 weeks, a chiropractor can do the Webster technique to help with that, it has worked for several of my friends!