Sunday, January 24, 2010

Talk to the Hand

After our bit of excitement at the hospital on Thursday, I was looking forward to our 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled for Friday. We drifted into the office of this place with great anticipation and excitement.

The waiting room was rather busy. We signed in, paid the fee and waited our turn. Finally my DH and I were led back to the dimly lit room. I was ushered onto a bed, got set up and the tech came in. I turned to look at the monitor as he gelled my belly and began the u/s.

Well, Baby Boy BWUB was having none of it. Hand in front of his face, fingers splayed, he hid from us like a celebrity from the paparazzi.

The tech flipped the 3D switch so we could see, and all that was visible of the baby's face was the hairline, the forehead and a big hand.

Talk to the hand, mama.

The tech had me turn on my side (no change) and then had us go walk around for 10 minutes, I ate some crackers, I even climbed some stairs, all in an effort to get Baby BWUB to move. We returned to the office and tried again.


The tech said that with a breech baby, very often the hands are up by the face. He asked when my next OB appointment was, and said that if the baby turns head-down, we should call them and they'll get us in right away to try again.

They refunded our money and we left without pictures or DVD.


In other news, my DH really wanted me to invite his mom and Wacky P to one of my baby showers. Well, I understand and agreed to do so, particularly since I got to pick which shower to invite them to (planning for the least amount of inter-activity). I needed their email addresses as this shower was by e-vite, and asked my DH to call his mom and sister to get their email addresses.

He called his mom, but he suggested I call Wacky P, saying that she'd really appreciate it if I called to invite her to my shower. I basically told him no way. I said, "You just don't want to have to call her either, but I'm not calling her." So he did it. :)

I heard him in the other room while he was on the phone with her - trying to answer her questions, defending some of our decisions, explaining others, and saying repeatedly, "Oh, I don't know, I'll have to ask BWUB about that."

Thank God it wasn't me. Nonstop questions and assvice.

Today we are going out to buy some baby supplies. Just a few essentials to have on hand "just in case." I'm making a list of things to pack for the big trip to the hospital. And, with loads of help from StillHopeful, I am putting together lists of what we need and what's left to do.

Mostly, I'm just trying to make it from day to day, while hoping and praying constantly that when the day comes, the baby arrives safely.


IVF 40+ said...

Sorry little BWUB wasn't cooperating, just like a man. Or, he wants to it all to be a big surprise when the day comes.
Have a lovely time shopping for little things and really looking forward to the baby shower stories!!!!


Fran said...

Ehhehehe offloading the phone call to Wacky P was a great move!! let's hope she'll behave at the shower and remember...ZEN approach to the two of them and they'll be gone soon.
And the little devil really pulled one out on you! I'm sure you are going to get your DVD soon, and most important of all, you'll be hugging the real thing in just a few weeks!! Love, Fran

tireegal68 said...

Ok - that sounds like a baby with his own agenda! Now is wacky P your DH's sister ? I can't get it straight. Wow, she really has a mouth on her, doesn't she?! I agree with Fran - Zen out on them!!!
I hope shopping is fun! And the boy turns and gets cooperative for his next close - up!

stillhopeful said...

Oh, bummer! I was looking forward to some 3d pics. (Which reminds me, I need to do a compare of my 3d pics and the newborn pics to see how close they are, hmmm...) But pretty funny with the hand - maybe your boy is camera shy? Hopefully you'll get to have another shot at it after your next appointment.

Have a great time at your showers!! I know you'll be good for some funny in-law stories. :)

And I'm glad you found the lists, etc. helpful. One other thing I found helpful if you register at BRU... if you buy anything for yourself, add it to your registry, then mark it as purchased. You have 90 days after the due date to return (exchange) it if it's on your registry and you don't need a receipt. Also, if people give you things you don't want without a gift receipt, do the same - add it, mark it as purchased. Then you can exchange. And finally, be sure you have things on your registry for after the baby is born - you'll be surprised at how many people buy you another gift when they come visit you and the baby, and I made the mistake of not having anything left on the registry...

Lorraine said...

Bummer! I am so fascinated with those creepy claymation images. When my husband gets back from "Moonwaltz" I will have to force him to take me to one of those places!

IF Optimist, then... said...

C'mon, really most men hate Hate HATE getting their pictures taken, so the little one isn't unusual. I had an ultrasound last week to for a cervical check and one of the monsters kept flicking her backhand to where the transducer was on my belly. Kind of like "get that danged thing away from me." It was very amusing.

embieadoptmom said...

ASSVICE???? YOU ARE KILLING ME! My dh asked what was so funny as I LMAO at 7am! HI...Larious

K said... least they gave you your money back!! And good for you for standing up to the "not gonna phone whacky p." Geez.