Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

As I write this post, my DH and I are watching the Tw/ilight Z/ one Marathon. We've done it twice a year since we met. It runs for a couple of days during the July 4 holiday and again at the New Year.

It's a bit nostalgic for us this time because the last time we watched the marathon, in July, we were in the hotel room where I was on strict bed rest immediately after my FET. Waiting and wondering if the transfer would work. Watching the episodes we again watch now.

The difference is that now, 6 months later, I have a baby boy wiggling in my belly.

This weekend I am making homemade scones. We'll go look at paint colors today for the baby's room. Maybe even look at some furniture. If I find paint I like, my DH might start painting. Otherwise, it will be a low-key start to 2010 for us.

I hope that this new year brings joyous change to your life. I hope that in December 2010, you will reflect back and smile with a full heart, remembering the wondrous blessings you experienced and the dreams fulfilled.

Have a wonderful first day of the year.


IVF 40+ said...

thanks for the book recommendation - anything that encourages even more pampering I endorse!!

Sounds like a lovely time, all three of you snuggled up.
Have a great new year

Gwynn said...

I'm grinning ear to ear that you are starting the new year in such a fabulous way. What fun! And how special! There is truly nothing as wonderful as snuggling with your partner and feeling your baby kick! Family moments like that are so precious.

Hugs, health and happiness for the year to come!!

Alex P said...

This world is B-E-A Utiful, and you and your stories contribute to that.

You and your hunny and your baby are dear to me because you make blessings SOOOO apparent.

A little TV is perfect for everyone.

I LOVE that you and hubby like TZ!

Cheers. Happy new years. Thank you for the beautiful well wishes on my blog. Your experiences lighten my heart.

Fran said...

My friend, very happy new year to you too, I can't wait to see what stage will you be at next time you do the twiglight zone marathon! Much love, Fran