Friday, February 12, 2010

On the Horizon

Thanks for all the flattering comments. I swear, though, my belly feels so big, as though it will pop like a balloon at any moment!

So, yes, indeed, my due date and the arrival of Baby Boy BWUB are on the horizon.

As I mentioned, he is still breech and my DH is now convinced that a C-section will be on tap for the birth. He is quietly delighted about it. Of course we both prefer a non-surgical birth, but here's what he said that made me realize he's pretty happy at the idea of a C-section:

"So, if we have a C-section then we'll get to skip the part where I would have to time the contractions at home, racing to the hospital, all of that breathing stuff and the slow dance [this is his term for his labor coaching responsibilities] and we'll just go in and have the baby?"

Well, yes, dear, I guess we would skip the major labor chapter of childbirth and move right to arrival of the baby.


I had to remind him that if I have a C-section, my recovery will take longer. I won't be able to drive for at least 2 weeks. I won't be able to pick up anything heavier than the baby for a while.

Please, those of you who have had C-sections feel free to chime in!

I will be in more pain and will need more help for several weeks after we come home. All of which means he will have more post-natal responsibility to take care of things that I won't be able to.

He seemed readily amenable to all of this.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet here. My next OB appointment is next Friday. I'll be 36 weeks by then. Although I'm sure baby boy is still breech, he is wiggling and poking and stretching regularly (and has hiccups 2 or 3 times each day!) so I'm content that he is okay.

I still plan to work through the end of February (just 2 more weeks!) but I am SO looking forward to having a little time to relax, rest, and prepare for the momentous occasion.


stillhopeful said...

Enjoy the time off before you give birth. I found I got so much done, and I also got to relax a bit. And you don't get that same kind of relaxing ever again! (or the ability to get a lot of things done, either!).

As you know, I had a great recovery experience after the C. The key was getting up and walking while in the hospital. I did that 2-3 times per day (after the first day when you have to stay in bed for most of it as you still have the IV and catherter in). When I got home, I was able to go up/down stairs and walk around. Nursing my baby in the regular position with the boppy, or even putting her on the scar didn't hurt.

However, I was very slow. DH did a lot of catering to me (getting water, food, etc.) and helped out tremendously with household things - laundry, cooking, last minute baby stuff, cleaning, etc. He also did a lot with Aysia to give me a break between feedings whenever possible.

I think that all of this help allowed me to heal quickly and focus all my energies into Aysia. And from what you've written about your DH, I think he'll rise to the occasion. It seems like when he knows what needs to be done, he does it; that it's only when there's ambiguity that he might not be as proactive as you'd like. And after the C, you'll be able to let him know exactly what you need him to do for you and the little one! Also, as a very independent woman, I think my DH enjoyed being the "hero" to a certain extent, and being able to help me when usually I'm very self-sufficient. I wonder if your DH will be the same way and enjoy being "needed"...

anofferingoflove said...

c/s recovery is tough, no doubt. unlike your pp'er, i had a rough time with stairs, lifting, pain, (and attitude/mood) for a couple of weeks. having lots of support is crucial, but it sounds like your sweetie is ready to jump in!

its great you only have two weeks of work left; having some down time before your edd is perfect.

finally, just gotta say -- arent the hiccups the best?! i *loved* those! its crazy the first time you see your babe hiccup on the outside, totally trippy! ;-)

Fran said...

Oh my friend, only five more weeks!! I can imagine the excitement, and will you decide about C-section at your last appointment? Will your husband be able to be there if you are having a C-section? I can't wait to hear your next update! Love, Fran

ps: you know that you and your family are very welcomed in our attic, don't you?

IVF 40+ said...

wow, so close. I can't believe it. Whatever you decide I wish you a comfortable and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

It is super exciting, and I'm sure whatever you decide things will work out fine. I did have a c-s, but I laugh at the idea of doing much of ANY driving for 2 weeks after birth no matter how the baby gets here! You will be in cocoon mode, eating, sleeping, changing diapers. Note there is nothing there about showering, or cleaning the house!

I wasn't in huge pain after c/s. The whole experience of having this tiny being in the house was MUCH more traumatic (and wonderful) than any worries I had about recovery. Pampering yourself will be mandatory, and DH should be your gofer!

If you have trusted reletives staying, I'd highly recommend a short outing for just you and DH. You will go insane, but it is good to see the baby can survive without you for 20 minutes. This was the best thing my MIL did for me.

Good luck hon, I'm getting excited!

looking4#3 said...

Ok, here goes....
After my first C/S, I was a mess. As you know, it was a "classic" incision and therefore, horrendous. So, we won't even discuss that.
However, after my most recent one in 2006, my recovery was great. Here's a couple of things I learned. By the time the night came, I needed those pain pills. Simply walking was painful, although tolerable. Loosing the ability to run out quick to pick up something we deemed "needed" was NOT an option. Many times, I had to send my poor husband out for something for our LO. He had NO clue what he was looking for, searching for, doing or getting!!! More often than not, he came home with multiple selections, nothing or the wrong thing. I wish I could have left him behind (with my Mom) and gone myself. But, the NO driving thing got very old, very fast. Make and freeze as many meals as you can prior to your little man coming. Being hungry, home alone, trying to breast feed and recover was hard. I wish I had more meals frozen and ready to go. Get outside and get the sun on your face ASAP! Our son was born in November and I found the sun to do wonders for my attitude and recovery. Oh, nursery care (especially if you are supplementing with formula) leave the baby in the nursery at night. I know this sounds selfish, but take time after the surgery the first couple of nights when you have the help available to you.
I'm sure there will be some other "assvice" I will come up with---I'll let you know!!!!!
So excited you are really at the final count down! He will be here in NO time and I can't wait to see pictures of your little man. I have NO doubt that your husband will AMAZE you!!!!!

Lorraine said...

No C advice here - but I agree w/ Momma that you will need a lot of support from that husband of yours no matter how your little guy arrives. The first few days are a craze of fluctuating hormones, exhaustion, insomnia, euphoria, etc. - in short, you will not be in any condition to get on with normal life even if the baby does sleep most of the time.

Getting out in the sun is also really important! I second that absolutely - your circadian rhythms are all flummoxed and the best way to reset them is exposure to sunlight. (This is also a sleep-therapy tool for babies, although in the first few weeks don't bother. )

It really is the end, now, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you...trying to explain to my husband all of the things that I won't be able to do and he'll have to pick up the slack on. I know that he will come through when the time comes, though I'm sure I'll have to do a lot of asking for things. I am usually a very independent person (and you seem to be as well), so it will be tough to ask, but I think that's just how it's going to be.

Anyway, I'm still holding out hope that your little one turns for you and the c-section isn't necessary at all.

I can't believe how close you are...he'll be here before you know it!