Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Happenings

The weekend went quickly.

----Saturday: Baby Shower #2----

This shower was largely attended by former co-workers from the law firm where I worked. My MIL, Wacky P and the 6-year old daughter also came to this one. We had brunch and mimosas (I had 1/2 glass), which were delicious. Everyone was very generous with the gifts, and I was excited to get some of the "necessities" from my registry as opposed to the cute-but-already-have-too-many newborn outfits and blankets (although there were still several of those).

There were quite a few guests, so I was able to avoid getting cornered by MIL and Wacky P most of the time, at least until the bulk of the festivities were over. Of course Wacky P couldn't hold back forever, and at some point she had to get in my face. She asked if we were going to use a diaper service, because she used a diaper service, and it was the best way to go, and they can provide different size diapers and how fluffy and soft the diapers are and ....blah, blah, blah.

She knows my plan is to start with disposables until life settles down a bit and then try out the B.umGe.nius brand cloth diapers. But she had to get in my face about it.

Oh, and when the hostess offered the guests coffee to go with the cake, Wacky P's daughter started whining that sheeee wanted coffee. At first the hostess tried to play if off with a sweetly said: "What? Noooo, kids don't drink coffee." But when Girl persisted, the hostess finally said, "Well, not at my house. Kids don't get to drink coffee here" and she turned and left Girl standing there.

I grinned. Girl usually isn't told "no" so bluntly.

One of the best things about that shower was that when it was winding down, a friend of mine who has a 3 year old and a 9 month old came and asked whether I would be interested in any of her hand-me-downs....she said she wasn't sure if I'd be insulted at the offer.

Are you kidding? I jumped enthusiastically at the chance to take her Bumbo seat and tray, breast pump, second car seat, etc. Useful things! Woohoo!

----Sunday Morning: Visit from MIL and Wacky P----

Yep. They came over to visit. This time Wacky P asked if we had chosen a pediatrician. I said yes, and named the doctor. BTW, this doc is (1) someone I worked with at the hospital years ago, and (2) the pediatrician of one of my OB's children. But kooky Wacky P had to tell me how she used this pediatrician for Girl several years ago, and proceeded to criticize the doctor's office, nurses and practice.

This is the pattern. One: She asks your choice/opinion. Two: Whatever your choice/opinion is, she will criticize it and tell you why her choice/opinion is superior.

I ignore her.

----Sunday Afternoon: Baby Shower #3----

This shower included about 10 of my close friends whom I've know for about 20 years. As in, the hostess wore sweats with her hair up in a clip because we are like family. It was very relaxed, we laughed, we teased, we got caught up on each other's lives. Along with the requisite baby clothes and blankets (more!), toys, gift cards and other items, they got me my stroller and a fabulous rocker/bouncy seat that converts to a toddler seat. Cool.

The most memorable gift and moment was when I opened the last gift. It was from the daughter of my friend (who was my matron of honor). Her daughter will be 15 years old next week, but she is a really sweet, innocent, kind girl (I guess I say that because so many teens barely talk to their parents, much less their parents' friends). Anyway, I opened the gift and it was a framed poem, written by Teen Girl. There was a handwritten note from her on the back. The poem welcomed our little baby boy, both into the world and into the lives of my DH and I, and into the lives of our group of friends.

I knew I wouldn't be able to read it out loud, but I felt it was called for, because of the personal nature of the gift. So I handed it to my friend to my right and said, "Ann, will you please read it...I'll cry if I try to read it."

Ann began to read. There was a line about Mommy and Daddy...forever taking boy....

Okay, I lost it. My nose wrinkled and I knew. I started to cry. Then sob. My friends started laughing at me (which was completely expected since we are so close) and then I started laughing too. I mean, I was both crying/sobbing (hard!) and laughing (just as hard) at the same time! It was the strangest sensation. And when I looked up, two or three of my friends were crying too! We laughed and cried and in fact, Ann had to hand the poem over to someone else to finish reading! Poor Teen Girl stared at me, looking a bit stunned. Later she told me, "Auntie BWUB, I never saw you like that before and it kind of scared me." I reassured her it was hormones and I was okay and that I LOVED LOVED LOVED her present.

----Monday (today)----

I broke the news to my boss (and her boss) that my C-section is scheduled and that my last day of work will be in two days from now!

Next post: Photos.


Fran said...

My friend, I always read your posts with joy and you are really good at handling Wacky P. To be honest I'm waiting for the day where you'll tell her to f off! So sweet the poem from the Teen, I would have cried too! Love, Fran

anofferingoflove said...

i just teared up hearing of the sweet poem, i can imagine you'd be sobbing!

sounds like you have an amazing circle of family and friends (minus wacky p, who i kinda wanna slap for you) to welcome your boy.

woohoo on almost being through with work!!!!

BB said...

Wow! What a weekend! 2 showers sandwiched between a Wacky P visit. You must be wiped out! Your showers sound like they were wonderful. I also teared up when you told the story of the Teen with the poem. Very sweet. And I'm so excited for you to stop working- it is a great, freeing feeling! I hope you are able to leave work at work. I often have a hard time doing that like when I'm on vacation. But this time, I had no problem at all separating :) Here is to 2 more days of work! Yippee!

Christina said...

Wow, what a weekend! So, March 11th is only like a couple weeks away--and your last day of work tomorrow! So exciting!

Lorraine said...

I think the best strategy with Wacky P is to just smile and nod.

My FIL is exactly like that - it's like he wants to bait you into an argument just so he can spout off about his way of looking at things. I can't take it, especially since he gets most of his "facts" from right-wing talk radio. Grrrr!

Right now P is considering herself the "expert" and you're the "newbie" - but that will all change, because after a few months you'll just be able to say "this is really working for us", and that will be that. Plus, things have changed - my sister (who has one-year-old twins) knows way more about any baby options these days than I do!

K said...

What a crazy weekend! The whacky p stories continue to crack me up. Do you ever secretly wonder if she would stumble upon on your blog one day, read about herself, and learn what a freak she is??? Mwah hah hah....ok I'm being naughty now. But seriously, your showers sounded like great times and you must be relieved to be done with work - uhm tomorrow!

just me, dawn said...

wow, such a busy busy time! sorry i have been away but so happy to see that baby boy has a will be here soon!

Holly said...

What a wonderful weekend you had!!!

Way to handle Wacky P!

2 more days of work!!! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!........................................

Serendipity said...

I'm a crap commentator lately but I'm still keeping up to date with my reading and I'm getting so excited for you. March 11 is so so close, I hope your last day of work went well.

I love your takes of Wacky P, I'm sure living with it isn't quite as entertaining as reading it, she's such a dose of crazy in your life.