Monday, February 1, 2010

Dreaming of Early Leave

The baby was moving a lot today. It made working uncomfortable. I think he is still breech, and his round little head kept bumping up underneath my ribs. The maternity pants I wore were the kind with the low band - they cut into me, making my discomfort worse. My skin felt so tight it seemed that it might just split open.

Ugh! I longed to be home in my way-too-big sweat pants, lounging on the couch.

My hope is that all this movement means that baby boy is warming up to do his triple-twist-front-flip, landing him squarely head down on top of my cervix.

I really want to be a trooper - showing my bosses that I can work up until the last minute. But secretly I'd LOVE for my doc to insist that I need to stop working sometime sooner. Like at the end of February!

Meanwhile, opposing counsel Mr. Meanie continues his practice of sending me demanding, accusatory, hateful and rude letters. He wrote and sent one to me by fax today, in response to a letter I sent him last Friday. My only consolation is the knowledge that while I was enjoying sunshine and shopping for baby things over the weekend, he was stewing about my letter, researching case law to throw at me, and writing me another hateful letter.

I am nearly giddy at the thought!

But seriously, dealing with him is another reason I'd prefer to go out on mat leave sooner rather than later.

My next OB appointment is this Friday. I'm going to see what my doc has to say.


Lorraine said...

I can't imagine working much right now - I'm doing a tiny job for a friend and some research for my boss - but all from home. And I'm just wearing maternity yoga pants - every once in a while I break out the stretchy-panel jeans, but mostly I'm wondering if it's silly to buy more of the yoga pants at this point? They are sooo comfy and probably the least expensive of all my belly clothes.

I hope the doctor orders some down time for you!

Kara's Mom said...

I believe you can begin leave one month before your due date. Check with your OB. Good luck!

PaleMother said...

I'm guessing that you must really be getting to Mr. Meanie? And that's why he's behaving so aggressively? That's a nice thought. :)

Cecicela said...

i could barely get up the subway stairs this morning without vomiting, and i've got a bit longer to go than you. You should tell the OB you don't feel well traveling to and from work and ask him to provide you with a reason for medical leave.

K said...

I'd say your job is creating unnecessary stress on your body. Find the right buttons to push on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd say you should ASK the doc, it won't hurt! While we all want to you sock it to Mr Meanie, I'm sure someone else can do that too. And you have more important things to do. Take care!

IVF 40+ said...

Aren't you a lawyer? Isn't there some law against stresses out preggers lady??

Hope the idiot with the fax machine gets his tie stuck in it

Hope you get some much needed bed rest news!!

just me, dawn said...

I say maybe you should mention how stressful work guess is that they would recommend that you not work as that can cause BP issues....and it certainly sounds like it is stressful enough that you would not be fibbing :)

tootertotz said...

Hang in there, girl! It won't be much longer.

It has been my experience with the OB...ask and you shall receive. They will likely write you out of work if you just ask. You can use the free time to finish off any remaining nesting to be done.

In the meantime, I hope the nasty opposing crab will let your every move eat him up!

Fran said...

I can only imagine the face of mister Meanie (have you ever met him in person?) while he reads the letter and prepare his reply! What a waste of energy for him! I hope you can get some freedom a little earlier, it won't be long now anyway. And I'm cheering the little man to turn over and be ready for mamy!! much love, Fran

stillhopeful said...

I hope you can get some time off before the baby comes. I had a week and it was really nice, helped me to get done the last minute things, and relax a little before the big day!

tireegal68 said...

You should definitely go for it! Is your obgyn nice and accommodating? I hope so. Give yourself a break and hang out on the couch in sweats for the first few weeks in March - sounds good, eh? Glad that the boy is getting ready for his big gymnastic feat! Hope you get some relief:)
And as for mister meanie - well he obviously has nothing better going on in his life. Sad!