Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shower #1

Today was the baby shower put on by my current co-workers.

I must say, it was quite sweet. I've known these people only 6 months, yet there they were, showering me with cake and presents and "It's a Boy!" decorations.

I got to the third or fourth gift, and as I opened the gift to find a precious little bib and soft matching blanket....yup....I lost it. In front of all my co-workers, male and female alike, with my boss to my immediate right, I started to cry.

Then I laugh/cried. Then I was better. There was a chorus of "Oh, it's okay, it's just your hormones" ringing in my ears. No one batted an eyelash. I was a bit embarrassed, but the moment just got the better of me.

I am not used to being the center of attention, so it felt a little awkward to rip open gift after gift as they were set before me. And it was even more awkward when I received three booster seats (how did that happen?) - especially since the third one I opened was from my boss (I think she felt a little disappointed).

Anyway, I noticed that only one of the guys brought a gift (although they all showed up to eat cake), and I later chuckled with one of my girlfriends about "how guys are." When I got home, a package had been delivered by UPS. I opened it to find one of the cutest, sweetest blankets from my gift registry....from two of the guys in my office! That'll show me!

Tonight, after eating a piece of leftover cake from my party, I sat here watching Baby BWUB roll around in response to the sugar. My DH's eyes got huge when he saw the lump in my belly rise, fall and roll about.

I know that I am very lucky and blessed.


just me, dawn said...

I hate being the center of attention too! but glad you enjoyed your shower. I have realized that once the baby arrives, we will be put back into the shadows and the baby will be in the spotlight....just the way I like/want it :)
and fingers crossed for a mommy friend!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Ditto on not liking being the center of attention! Maybe that's why we all blog, haha ;).

Anyway, it sounds like a very sweet and wonderful shower. Kudos to the boys!

embieadoptmom said...

How ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! That you are being showered with love and gifts! AWESOME! You SO deserve it! I would have Bawled too :) HUGS!

Lucy said...

Isn't it amazing how people surprise you during this exciting life moment? My co-workers recently threw me a shower and I was both shocked and touched to find out that every present was off my baby registry on even though I hadn't told anyone at work where I was registered. It made me so emotional to think about the fact that everyone I work with went out of there way to find out exactly what I want for the baby. Congrats and be happy that we both have such thoughtful co-workers!

anofferingoflove said...

sounds like you have wonderful coworkers! glad you enjoyed your shower, tears and all! ;)

K said...

What a great story. I've asked not to have any showers. You made me think twice. :)

Lorraine said...

Oh, how sweet and touching that you had an actual "moment" at your shower - I think that makes it more special for the guests. Maybe I should have tried to pull something like that off at my shower?

Hope you can return a booster seat or two!

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely. Glad your new friends are stepping up - I'm sure they were glad to do so (esp since there was cake!) Take care, glad to hear the baby likes his sugar high!

tireegal68 said...

I can't wait to hear about the Wacky P baby shower? Is that a figment of my wicked imagination or is it going to happen? Your co-workers sound awesome and I think it's okay to cry after all you have been through.
It's cute to hear about baby BWUB being so visible in his movements.

Mad Hatter said...

OH, it sounds like such a perfect day! You so deserve it, Besty!