Monday, October 12, 2009

Partying, Puking, and Family Matters

I went to a party Saturday night. A former co-worker of mine threw a huge surprise party for her partner. It was a 60's theme party to celebrate her partner's 50th birthday and being 5 years breast cancer free. Definitely reasons to celebrate!

My husband didn't go with me. He doesn't like crowds or noise or parties that last more than, say, 45 minutes. So I cut some ivy from our yard, stripped most of the leaves, twisted the vine into a wreath, added some pretty yellow and blue fake flowers, and had myself a flower child crown. I frizzed out my hair, wore some peace earrings and a tie-dyed peace t-shirt, and headed out the door.

The surprise went off beautifully and the party was a riot. Food, a bartender (of course I drank sparkling water), a DJ, karaoke (no, I don't sing, but enjoyed listening to others) and some old friends with whom I used to work. It was definitely loud, lots of laughter and dancing and J. Lennon glasses and headbands and fringed vests. Very cool.

I pulled my friend the hostess aside at one point. Took her into another room and shared the news of my pregnancy. She was overjoyed and hugged me and said all the right things. She also said (at least 3 or 4 times) how my DH and I would surely have a beautiful child, what with our Dutch/Irish genes. I do think we will have a beautiful child, but I'm pretty certain the baby won't look like either of us. :)

I'm glad I went to the party. I got home around 11:30 p.m.

Then I was up half the night with a puking dog. Yes, me. My husband did something while I was out that turned out not to be such a good idea. He fed her popcorn, heavily coated with garlic powder and Parmesan cheese. And I don't know what else. It made for a long night, lots of soiled towels and one sad-faced, heaving dog. We've decided not to feed them people food anymore. Ya think? This was a good lesson for him as to: You don't need to give her something just because she wants it.

My mom arrives Wednesday morning for a 4-day visit. I have an OB appointment Friday morning, but I don't think there will be an u/s. Just doppler. Which is fine with me. At our big gender determination u/s at the end of the month I want it just to be my DH and I there. Sad, eh?

My DH warned me last week that his mom would be calling over the weekend, wanting to talk to me. I said, "Talk to me about what?" And he said she wanted to congratulate me on the pregnancy. Well, she called, and I took the phone from him as I rolled my eyes. Actually, though, it wasn't too bad. I kept waiting for the really personal questions to come. The whole conversation felt palpably tense and awkward, but she only asked me very basic questions like how am I feeling and did I have any morning sickness and when is the baby due. Then she asked about my job and shortly thereafter we wrapped it up and I handed the phone back to my DH. Whew.

Now he just has to tell Wacky P! He thought it would be nice if I called her and shared the news (Wacky P is my sil, for those who may not know), but I swiftly declined. No way. I ran down the list for my DH of all the mean things she's said and done to me, and he agreed that he would tell her. Of course he has procrastinated more than a week now! Ha! Not so easy, even for the guy who has known her 40+ years.

This ought to be interesting.

Oh! I wrote that whole post above and realized I didn't address all of your guesses as to gender! Tomorrow I will respond!


Lorraine said...

At least the MIL conversation is over with, and it sounds like she really tried to be reasonable. As for Wacky P... well, it will probably be entertaining to hear what happens there!

Your friend sound like someone who probably knows what is really important in life, but I can absolutely understand not going into the whole thing. It's a part of the story that can unfold over time. Being open about it isn't the same thing as being insistent about disclosing the details - and in a way it's more natural to have it be a footnote than a heading.

The Dutch are the tallest population, and the Irish the palest - it would be a striking combination, kind of an ultra-Tilda-Swinton?

IVF 40+ said...

er hang on - he who giveth should also receive. If my DH fed our cats popcorn with garlic and cheese and they upchucked I would not be the one dealing with it!!

I say let SIL stew for a while. after all knowledge is power and you have all the knowledge right now. thats just mean isn't it. he he he he

thanks for everything BWUB.


embieadoptmom said...

The party sounds so fun! Sounds like things are going smoothly with your MIL. We haven't decided who we will share our EA story with and when.

Glad you are feeling well and your dog is better-poor thing!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Party sounds like a hoot! And not sad at all that you want the big gender u/s to be just you and DH. I'm lucky enough to have very nice, reasonable in-laws and a good mom, but I wouldn't want anyone else there either. DH and I have worked hard enough to get to this point and if we do, it'll be a very personal, emotional moment for us. I don't want someone outside of that circle (well, except maybe the u/s tech) to be there.

Fran said...

When I read the tilte I thought it was you puking!! Ah well, it was just the dog...but you poor thing, shoudl have got your DH to mind the dog.
Well done with your MIL and definitely let your DH alone to deal with his sister (although I really really want to know what she did/said!).
I'm glad your mum will come to visit you, make sure you don't clash though and I think 4 days is a nice time...not too short but not too long either! Much love, Fran

just me, dawn said...

I think think that DH should have taken care of the mess he created....but I understand that men are not always as thorough as us, sad but truee.....i still think I would have made him do it.

And as for wanting to be alone at the gender determination appointment, I totally understand, it is a prety magical time for you two, you should enjoy it together not with others :)

K said...

I'm with EB. I think you should make SIL wait awhile longer. Heh heh heh. But then, I'm all about torturing my own inlaws right now. :>

tireegal68 said...

Dear BWUB - I nominated you for an award - it's on my most recent post on my blog.
The party sounds great and I was glad it wasn't you puking after the party. As for MIL - I just have to roll my eyes in sympathy:)
Looking forward to reading the gender post!!!!

stillhopeful said...

Sweetie - you're not playing the pregnancy card to the fullest!! You should have told DH that you can't deal with the doggie puke being pregnant and all... just like pregnant women can't change cat litter (a task my DH now has to take on, even though it's really my cat!).

Surprised to hear the moderately good conversation with the MIL. Things will probably never be warm and fuzzy with her, but polite and civil is a good start!

And yes, please do share the details of your DH's conversation with Wacky P - It always makes for good blog posts! :)