Saturday, October 31, 2009

We're Having a Baby [Gender]!!!

Yesterday, Friday, was the big U/S day.

I was so excited. It's not my OB's office, but a perinatologist's office where we were sent for the anatomy scan. Both times we've been there, they were running 30 minutes late. Frustrating!

At last it was our turn.

The tech was proficient, nice, talking as she went along.

The best news - the important news - is that all is well. Everything looked just right and baby is measuring 4 days ahead at 20w2d.

She measured the skull, the brain, the long bones (arms and legs). We watched the four chambers of the heart beat in slow motion, colorized, to see the blood flow. We saw the umbilical cord, the placenta, the internal organs. My cervix looks good. The profile was adorable, and the baby really wanted to keep its little hand up by its face. I thought I could see a thumbnail.

And then baby stretched. I want to munch the cheeks!

And on the tech went.

We saw a long foot that I'm sure has been poking me in the side (is it possible?)

When we saw the long umbilical cord coming between the legs and attaching at the belly, I joked that I thought the baby was a boy, and he had a rather

She interrupted, "Do you want to know the sex?"

"Yes," I said, and before I could blink, we knew.

And I'm happy to report, our son looks beautiful!

Yes, it's a boy! I've been convinced it was a boy, almost from the beginning. And many of you thought he looked like a boy, too. husband and I were both impressed with how well endowed our boy looks! There's no mistake that it's a boy! (legs crossed like a pretzel).

He'll be tall. The sperm donor was 6' and the egg donor was 5'8". My DH is only 5'10" and laughed when he said our boy could be 6'4" by the time he's 13, towering over us!

She even turned the machine to 3D/4D for a moment, and we saw him with his hands over his face, making cute baby moves. We were given a long strip of photos and waited while the tech went to show the images to the doc (all was perfect).

For the rest of the day I just kept grinning and saying, "It's a baby boy!" And my husband would say, "It's a baby boy."

So did we want a boy or a girl? We both wanted a healthy baby. That's first and foremost. My DH thought it would be nice to have a girl. He has a friend who has 2 girls and the guy convinced him girls are easier. I think that with a boy, I'll never have to deal with the mother-daughter issues so many of us have struggled with. But we both would have been perfectly delighted with either.

In the end, we are both overjoyed. A health baby boy.

We can't wait to meet you, son.


Mad Hatter said...

So the ancient Chinese gender test was right!!! Congratulations on your healthy boy baby!!! So thrilled for you guys! Guess it's time to start working on that name, huh? Perhaps after a famous basketball player...?!

cindyhoo2 said...

Fantastic! I just knew it would be a boy. My sister is convinced boys love their mamas more than girls do. I am exited for you.

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

I knew it!! Congratulations baby mama, he's just perfect! I could feel your happiness as I read through the post, I'm so thrilled for you.

That u/s sounds awesome - was it just done at your OB (if so, mad props to the hip OB) or did you splurge on one of those fancy u/s-only appts? I'm asking because I hope to get this level of detail and photos one day!

Now, for the big question: is it going to be "Kleef" or "Steve McQueen"? ;)

just me, dawn said...

Yay!! A wonderful US and a beautiful baby boy! Congrats!!

tireegal68 said...

oooh that was a suspenseful and fun post to read!" I scrolled down a line at a time so I wouldn't spoil the surprise for myself!
I am just happy that you know and that he's doing so well. I am glad that your mother's intuition is right on!
I used to want girls ( my sis has two lovely girls) but then my brother had a lovely boy and now I would be excited with either - but I think I will want to know - we will see!
And you know that little boys just LOVE their mommies!!!!
So I think it's great!
Fantastic pics!

IVF 40+ said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a boy! oh and isn't he adorable already. congratulations on all the wonderful news. I am so happy for you!!

Michele said...

Congrats!! He's a beautiful banbino!!!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations. Lovely U/S shots. Love the one of the foot. How exciting for you!!!

Lorraine said...

I knew it, too! So, so glad that everything looks good!

Too bad about your mom and those ruffly dresses... unless fashion changes significantly in the next few years - you never know!

anofferingoflove said...

wow, thats one beautiful babe you have in there, what an adorable profile!

congrats on finding out you're having a son! makes it all the more real, eh? :D

Ms. Autumn said...

congrats!!! little boys are amazing!

autumn398 @

stillhopeful said...

How exciting!!! What a great doc visit!!

embieadoptmom said...

OH HONEY! I'm just thrilled for you! LOVE IT! Congrats on being mother to your SON!!!

Riley said...

Wow! I'm so excited for you - a boy! What great photos!!

looking4#3 said...

I wrote this long congratulatory comment and now I don't see it here!!!! I hope it is just sitting waiting for approval!!???
You know how excited I am for you. I read this with so much anticipation, you would have thought it was my own u/s!!
Your little boy looks amazing!! I am sure it is going to be hard to control yourself with those cheeks when he gets here!

Fran said...

COngratulation sweetie! I also thought it was a boy!! He's so cute in the scan I can't even imagine what a goodlooking baby he'll be. Much love, Fran

Serendipity said...

oooh congratulations, welcome to team blue :)

He looks amazing, you guys must be so thrilled!

BB said...

Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you. You both must be glowing! What amazing pictures! Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yay for a healthy baby boy! You must be so excited and your photos are absolutely adorable! So excited for you!

Mae BiƱas said...

so you dont use elisa kits to know the gender of your baby? cool I'll recommend this Chinese gender test to my aunt.