Friday, September 18, 2009

Booted Off the Gravy Train

Silly me. I was just ridin' that gravy train. Thinking that for the rest of my pregnancy I could just order up U/S's at 2 week intervals like a side of hash browns.

Hey, BWUB, wake're dreaming.

My DH went with me to my OB appointment this morning. The gal took us back, weighed me (mhm, gained 2 pounds since last month), and led us to the room. I sat on the exam table and she took my blood pressure, then gave me some paperwork.

"This is for your 2nd trimester screening." Ok.

"This is for your 18 to 20 week U/S scan. You'll get that done by the perinatologist and I'll call the referral today."

18-20 week U/S? My head whirls around and I look to the right and then to the left. There is no U/S machine in this room!! No U/S?!

She said I would just be getting a doppler heart rate today. No U/S. Next U/S is at 18-20 weeks when they can check gender.

But wait! I want an U/S!

I'd have to ask the doctor.

Sweet, kind, young, Dr. Green (nickname since he's so new) came in. Remember, he had me hold the internal U/S wand in my hoo hoo so he could shut off the light switch across the room? Anyway, he came in and I blurted out that I wanted an U/S because, after all, I've now stopped the Delestrogen and the Progesterone and it's all me now and I need to see the baby to know it's alive and okay andpleaseohpleaseohplease.

He opened the door and said, "Ok, let's go." He shot down the hall, us in tow, to a room with U/S machines. No questions, no anything...he just did the abdominal U/S.

Thank you, Dr. Green.

Baby was not lying on its back in the hammock today. So we didn't get a nice profile shot. Today baby was lying on its side, looking straight at us, or with its back to us...depending on how you look at it. Facial shots are kind of spooky b/c the U/S only captures the bone, so you're looking at a skeleton with dark holes for eyes.

Instead, Dr. Green took this cool spinal shot. I can see windows through the skull showing bits of brain. The whole beautiful spinal column. Tiny butt cheeks. Curved shoulders.

And of course Baby dutifully wiggled and waved and moved about for us.

Sigh. Baby is okay.

But I think I've been booted off the gravy train. No more U/S's every 2 weeks. Fortunately the 18-20 week one will be during the time my Mom is here, so hopefully I can get an appointment one day during her visit.

The gravy train was a nice ride while it lasted.


Alex P said...

Poor girl! Thats kinda sad, you have to give up your super regular baby pics... I understand your frustration, and your worry... On the upside, I guess it also means congrats are in order that you and baby have reached a really good stage, which is a fun milestone too. congrats! But still, you always have DR green to help you out if you need that reassurance. He sounds awesome, like he really understands.

NoodleGirl said...

I had a similar epiphany about a month ago when I realized the impossible: unlike getting wanded every few days at the RE, the OBGYN actually expected patients to go a month between ultrasounds?? Wait.. even that was wrong - you don't even get one each month?!?! OMG! How cruel!! Shouldn't IF ladies get a special sticker or something that allows a sanity u/s for each check-up?

As hard as it is to believe, at this point the Doppler h/b monitor is probably good enough. If you've made it this far and the heart is still beating well, you're pretty much golden. They'll only send you for an u/s (except for the milestones 20-weeker) if they can't find the h/b, and that clearly is a very stressful situation on its own, though usually fine.

But it's so mean not to allow the mommy to get a peek once a month. C'mon, it takes 30 seconds and it's not like it's an expensive lab test. If only they let IF ladies rule the world, it would be a much kinder place.

Congrats on a great u/s!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty baby.:)

You know, for some reason with my last one, I was all worried more than usual. I found having doppler listens were really reassuring. At least you'll get those when you need them, right?

embieadoptmom said...

Glad u got that u/s! Way to go mama! Easing of the mind is HUGE for us psycho IFers LOL!

Hugs to you & the babe!

looking4#3 said...

Gorgeous little one you got there!! Perfect in every way.
Totally sucks about the U/S though. I can total relate. I called the nurse yesterday DEMANDING another beta check. She wasn't so nice, and NO I got NO beta check.
Hey, I just realized my numbers are in line with you numbers and you have one, happy, healthy, active little one.....maybe I will be so lucky too!!!
I think more begging and pleading will get you more u/s, so I say go for it!!!!
Have a great weekend.

IVF 40+ said...

wow, look at that. I am speechless. I know I should say meaningful stuff to you but I adore your little one already!

Fran said...

Dr. Green is great! And listen, you can always get an u/s if you feel anxious, it may not be scheduled but this doesn't mean you cannot get it! So for now we just focus on the BIG scan to come, hoping that you'll feel confident enough that everything is ok until then, but if not...ah well, you'll just have to give Dr. Green a call!!
Much love, Fran

ps: we weren't planning to get another cycle before the new year, so there's plenty of time for the MTX to wear off!

Mad Hatter said...

Aw, look at your little baby! Growing big and strong and beautiful! Indeed congratulations on reaching the "all clear" point! But absolutely get why you asked for an u/s (good for you!). I'm sure if you need the odd in-between one, Dr. Green will oblige. Hey, when do you get to feel kicks and hiccups and stuff to reassure you, anyway? Can't wait to hear about it!

tireegal68 said...

Sounds like your little one has a mind of her/ his own. Glad you were able to get your u/s "fix" and that the doc knows his job and his patients! Your baby looks cute and Amazing! Congrats! Yippee!

anofferingoflove said...

what a beautiful pic!! :)
good luck with the u/s withdrawal, its so hard!