Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Moment of Gratitude

I have so much to reflect upon and be grateful for today.

(1) I am officially in the second trimester of my pregnancy. So far, so good. Hang with me, little one.

(2) Since our argument last weekend, my DH has been going out of his way to be kind and attentive and to take care things around here. Run and empty the dishwasher, carry in the new big bottle of laundry detergent, taking the dogs out at night, asking if I need anything from the kitchen while he's's been nice.

(3) I am finished with the blasted progesterone capsules up the hoo hoo every six hours. They weren't the worst thing in life, but I was pretty sick of them by the end.

(4) I got an extra U/S (due to my unabashed pleading) on Friday, with a great new picture of my little gem.

(5) I also got my flu shot on Friday at the OB's office. The nurse who gave it to me commented that she hoped they'd be getting more preservative free doses (for the preggies) soon. I got the second-to-last dose they had. Lucky, or what?

(6) My health insurance contact called me on Friday to tell me that the issue of my having paid non-contracted rates out of pocket to the Outpatient Monitoring Clinic has been researched and the clinic has been directed by the insurance company to submit all claims for all visits I had with them because my U/S's and blood work were covered services! They further informed the clinic that once the explanation of benefits is issued (by the insurance company, telling me what I should have paid), the clinic will be expected to issue me a refund! My rough estimate (and surely my math could be wrong) is that they might owe me as much as $1,700!

Of course there are always problems to be handled and crap to deal with, but even so, I am so, so grateful for all that is good.


anofferingoflove said...

happy 2nd trimester!! :)

NoodleGirl said...

Oh, I love it when things finally start falling into place for a long-time IFer.

Hearty congrats for making it into the 2T!!!! I've never made it there myself, but I have dreams of it! And I really hope your math on the $$ owed to you is correct - that would be a lovely start on something fun...perhaps the little gem's nursery? ;)

p.s. Good boy, DH!

K said...

What a great post! Time flies, doesn't it? I was just thinking I couldn't believe you were at the
2nd trimester already either. Seems like yesterday you were on your trip down South.

I LOVE the insurance update. Good for you and what a most excellent surprise!

tireegal68 said...

Love that things are going well and that those bastards at the monitoring clinic are going to get their come uppance! Good on your hubby too - sounds like he is being a good man!

Mad Hatter said...

Thank you for sharing all the things you're grateful for - it gives me hope!! I'm so glad for all of the above for you, Besty!!

stillhopeful said...

What a fabulous update!!

Going into the 2nd tri is huge. Yes, there are still things to worry about, but I know I let out just a little sigh of relief when I hit that milestone. It just doesn't seem as precarious as the 1st tri.

I'm jealous of your doc having the flu shot. I'm having a difficult time finding a place to get one! My OB will only get the swine, not the seasonal one, I don't have a regular doc, so I made an appt, and the first time I could get was end of Oct. That's too late. My job is giving them out on Oct 6th, but I need to be at a client... I want to get one asap!

And how great that the DH is stepping up. I think it's really insightful to see the changes in our DHs as they take on more responsibility, become more nurturing, and realize they are going to be a father!

And finally, the OMC. Now that's fantastic. How much is it going to kill them to write you a check for $1500+. Ha!! Talk about satisfaction, that's just perfect!

All great news and a perfect way to enter your 2nd tri!

Grateful Nation said...


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Fran said...

Happy secont trimester my dear friend! It's always good to recognise what's good in our lives. I'm so happy your DH really took your points and worked on them. It'll be ok, I know it. Mch love, Fran

Lorraine said...

It's always so nice to see a whole post of good news - it just reminds me to think positively, so thanks!

Plus, I have to say, I laughed when I saw that "Maddy" calls you "Besty" - I have actually started to think of you as "Betsy" since it's just easier to attach a name to a blogger, even if you know it's not a real name. Although, I have to say, if you ARE really an Elizabeth you seem more like a Beth than a Betsy...

Maybe I'll call you that - "Beth" When Used By!

looking4#3 said...

(1) Woo Hoo for going into the second trimester!!! Second trimester is wonderful--enjoy!
(2) LOVE that hubby has taken the argument and talk to heart. I am sure these are the first changes of MANY!!
(3) So nice to be rid of a bothersome "activity"!!
(4) I might just need to know the secrets to the U/S. (fingers crossed)
(5) That is lucky to get the second to last dose. Just meant to be!! I'm wondering what's gonna happen with me now!
(6) $1700 is amazing!! I bet they are NOT going to be happy about this. I LOVE this. I hope that clinic will do the right thing by every one else they did the same thing to. BTW--can that be considered insurance fraud?? Just figured you would know!
LOVE that things are going well.
I am not surprised to hear you being grateful. You are so NOT the type to just take it all for granted!!

karim said...

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