Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a New Week

Thank you, everyone, for your concern and support.

We hashed it out and made up.

I guess the crux of it all is just that I feel like I take care of so many things, I'm invested in every facet of our family and our lives and would like to see (1) some appreciation, (2) some initiative to pitch in and do things without being asked, and (3) some attentiveness, nurturing and real interest in aspects of our life together other than his own hobbies.

Hash Part 1 did not go so well. He got both defensive and offensive. Things are not his fault. They're my fault. I bolted out of here and went shopping (I only spent $15 so I didn't go nuts). When I came home 2 hours later he was soft and sweet and apologetic and said he'd try harder. He had even taken out the folder given to me at my first OB appointment (which, during hash part 1 I commented that he hadn't even bothered to look at) and he talked about all the different classes I and we could take.

Anyway, things are better in the BWUB household.

On other fronts, I'm pleased to say that I finished the comic/story book. Now in full color, it looks pretty cool. We took it to a copy shop and made one full set to see how well the colors copied. Not bad. Now we're just waiting for this Friday's U/S before we spend the cash to make about 13 full color copies. I still have "Gee, I hope the baby is still alive" thoughts. Plus we want to add Friday's U/S pic to the book. I'll post some of the cartoon frames soon.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


cindyhoo2 said...

Excellent news about you and your DH. I think we all have phases when we disconnect and get a bit selfish. Yours has bad timing now that you are on the emotional side.

As for wanting to see the ultrasound before you move ahead with the book... I get it 100% now!! I thought I would feel more calm and certain because of the donor cycle. Not. so. much. However I have great faith that you will cry happy tears at your u/s when you see your little one waving and wiggling. This baby is going to be just fine.

embieadoptmom said...

Thrilled for you that you made up AND got the book done. Some times DH's and wives just drift for a couple days-totally normal. Glad ALL is back on track!

stillhopeful said...

Great news on all fronts! Glad to hear the hashing worked and things are back on track. That's always a good thing!!

Can't wait to see more of your book, and your new u/s pic from Friday's visit!!!

looking4#3 said...

I might be in the minority here, but I think sometimes a little disconnect, then re-connect is a good thing. Not that the disconnect is good or anything, but putting your feelings out there and both sides making an effort is a great thing.
So glad it all worked out and you are doing better.
Thank you for all of your words of encouragement. I am cautiously optimistic! Proceeding with caution, as I know you completely understand.
Glad you're back!!
Can't wait to see the book. So sorry we don't live closer, I happen to have access to amazing color copiers/printers.
Looking forward to seeing your little one's U/S. BTW--are you going to find out in advance whether you are having a boy or girl?

Anonymous said...

Sorry your week was so stressful (not good for the baby!) but hopefully this week will be better. My DH was a complete loser when it came to all the nurturing things, I had so many ideas of how he SHOULD be showing me he cared...but I had to re-adjust. THAT was just not my DH, and I'm still sad sometimes, but I try to really appreciate the things he DOES do. AND I try to anticipate what he won't do, and get a girlfriend or hired help to be there for those things. Of course I still get annoyed!

Best of luck, can't wait to see new u/s pics. I love your comic book idea, and it is nice that you're just telling everyone about everything. SOOOO much easier! I am contemplating just telling my family, but there will be lots of discussion if we do. I'm just so tired of carrying the burden alone (mostly). If I do tell, I'll probably wait til I'm as pg as you!

IVF 40+ said...

well done for having the hard conversations. I hope the change in behavior is an on-going thing!
Good luck with the u/s too. Looking forward to hearing news of the little pea

K said...

Ahhh good. Glad the hash is done. Those things just suck. But makeup can be kinda fun, eh? ;)
Looking forward to Friday details.

Elizabeth said...

Hi - thanks so much for your comments on the Liam blog, it's really nice to hear from people. Glad to hear that harmony is on the way back. All this IF stuff cna be so hard on everyone and everything; when we did our (failed) FET in February Will had it on his calendar as "Eliz embryo thing." Lovely. Hope you're feeling good and hoping for a great u/s later this week. Love to you,

Mad Hatter said...

So happy to hear harmony is prevailing once more, and cannot wait to see Friday's U/S pic and more comic book pictures!!! Have a great week!