Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling the Pinch

13w5d u/s is Friday morning at 10:30. I just keep hoping the baby is still alive. I sneezed hard the other day and felt this stab in my left abdomen. What the heck was that? Did I hurt the baby? I've had some weird pinches and twinges. What's going on in there?! I kid you not, the worry continues to loom, although not as pervasively as it used to.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick story.

I have a small office at work. My desk is only about 5 feet inside the door and faces the office door. Sitting behind the desk, I too face the door, but it's a nice big desk so it hides me from about the ribs down. I've told you that sometimes (more so lately) I unbutton my pants while I sit behind my desk.

Today was "denim day." For some unknown reason (cookies, ice cream, chocolate and other sweet things that satisfy my sweet tooth) my thighs and butt have expanded and I barely fit into my jeans anymore. I hooked a rubber band through the button hole and looped it around the button. That way I could have the zipper down a little and the pants unbuttoned. The rubber band keeps everything close to your body so if you have a long shirt on, you can't really tell the pants aren't buttoned.

Anyway, I was sitting there and even with the stretched rubber band, my belly felt uncomfortable. So I put my thumb down there and pulled the waist band of the pants out and away from my skin. Ahhhh, it felt so good. Using my other hand, I pulled my shirt down so it was over my pants-pulling hand and - presto - everything should look normal to someone walking by my door.

I was sitting there with my thumb holding my pants away from me when suddenly my boss appeared in the doorway with a young woman. "BWUB, I want you to meet So-and-So, the new attorney we hired." The woman leaned toward me and stretched out her hand for me to shake.

Yikes! I had to fish my thumb out from my pants and get my shirt pulled back down straight over the unbuttoned-but-held-together-by-a-rubber-band gap, and then jump up and shake her hand. I think I got away with it. But the adrenalin was pumping.

I hate that I don't really have enough belly for maternity clothes but I've gained enough weight in my booty and thighs that the largest size jeans I have in my closet are squeezing me.

Stupid cookies.


Lorraine said...

Your stupid cookies are probably in cahoots with my stupid custard pastries...

I barely fit into my loose CP Shades pants anymore, and that is more or less a brand for large people. I am an XS in that store and I am almost 5'10"! But I like their natural fabrics and the fact that the clothes are made in the USA, and I have always had a pair or two of their linen drawstrings for those bloated days.

As of today, I am wearing yoga pants around the house and full-on maternity pants anywhere else. The weird thing is, I suddenly look more preggy in the maternity pants. The cut is just tighter in the leg compared to the belly so it's more obvious. Like, people open doors for me now and the grocery guys won't let me carry my own bags!

Sounds like you'll have to get some new clothes soon - that rubber-band trick sounds like it could cause some serious office gossip!

stillhopeful said...

I had that exact stabbing sensation early on when I sneezed, too. Sometimes even a strong cough would bring it on. It scared the heck out of me to the point where I called the doc! The nurse told me it was just my ligaments - everything is stretching and moving, and it was erfectly normal. Now I don't get that anymore.

I also tried to wait as long as possible before using maternity clothes, but you know what - they are so much more comfy that tight pants! Even if you don't "need" it, I would use them, so you're not uncomfortable during the day. At least the pants - those panels are the greatest invention ever! And then t you still wear a regular shirt, no one will know the difference except for you.

The other thing is a bella band - they work OK - you can leave your pants unzipped while the band holds them up, and if it shows, it just looks like you're wearing a tank top layered under your shirt. But for me, my butt spread pretty quickly, so my regular pants were not only tight in the tummy, but in the butt, too, so the didn't work too well!

Good luck with the u/s, are you geting the nuchal measurement today?

cindyhoo2 said...

LOL! I agree with the others: get comfy. Wear mat pants or invest in that Bella thing. Life is too short for uncomfortable clothes.

IVF 40+ said...

Oh man, that is so funny! How about switching into Eileen fisher outfits. They are stretchy and fine for work places if coupled with smart tops and things.

Anonymous said...

I"m glad you learned the rubber band trick. It's a little more comfy if you use one of those wide hair rubber bands.

Elastic waist pants are your friend. Unfashionable, but your friend none the less.

anofferingoflove said...

i had similar stabbing pains when sneezing/coughing/(vomiting). your ligaments are getting all streched out and loose now, i think the aches are normal.

i've had a few of those moments at work - especially when i first started to feel movement, id have my hand under my shirt all the time! :) go invest in some maternity pants, its never too early and they are SOOOO comfy. you're pregnant - take advantage of its benefits (elastic!)

NoodleGirl said...

Thanks for the well-needed laugh! I also say dive into those super-comfy maternity panel pants. My friends loved them so much that they worse them for months after giving birth, hating to give them up.

GL at your u/s! I'll be checking back later for great news!

Fran said...

Oh sweetie!! I've been so busy that I didn't have the chance of reading your latest posts, I'll try over the weekend but I have a deadline on monday!

I'll be thinking of you so much for your scan I'm sure thigs will continue to go well. Time for maternity clothes!!
Much love, Fran

Alex P said...

since you only have a wee bit till you need to upgrade to mat pants...and that sounds like a shopping trip to be saved until your moms visit, maybe try finding 1-2 pairs of super cheap 2nd hand pants in some bigger sizes? A black pair or grey pair so people dont notice that theyre the same for the next 2-3 weeks. even if theyre too long, just duct tape the length, since you wont wear them long enough to bother hemming them...

BB said...

The same thing happens to me when I sneeze- it scares the heck out of me!!

My husband bought me this:

It has helped a lot with my jeans. There are smaller belts in the kit and they get bigger. It was $20 and worth it. The belly band is ok. It kind of rides up sometimes.

I tried getting bigger pants but it just doesn't work. I just sucked it up and got the maternity pants- the panel pants rock! Even if you have just a little bump they are so so comfy.