Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blessings Unassumed and Staying on Track

Today has been a day of blessings unassumed. Things that just kind of happened, without my expecting them. Things that made me feel quiet and peaceful and happy.

I had lunch with a good friend. She looked great. She's the one whose husband has a brain tumor. She's the only person other than my husband (and all of you, of course!) who know about the FET cycle we are embarking upon. It was great to spend some time with her.

There were 3 adorable little girls at the table next to us at lunch. Maybe 5 or 6 years old. They all looked the same age, too. One with long curly hair. One with long straight hair. One with a short bob. Adorable. They giggled. Their mom smiled. They sipped chocolate milk. I actually felt happy to be sitting by them...rather than the feel of a knife in my gut.

Well, one thing happened today that increased my heartbeat and made my face go flush. It was an email from the IVF coordinator at my Clinic. The last email I sent her was to inquire about exercising. Apparently exercise needs to be approved (I think I read that Lupron can weaken bones, so you don't want to stress them). I got the thumbs-down for jogging, jump rope and anything strenuous.

Now before you start thinking I'm a fitness guru, I assure you I am not. I exercise a little and try to do so regularly. I also try to get the most bang for my buck. Jump rope is a quick way to burn calories. But if I don't exercise at all, I get plump in the rump. I also start to get fidgety.

I thought, hey, we have this recumbent exercise bike in the garage that we could drag inside and make room for. No weight-bearing there! So hubby and I dragged it in. I emailed the coordinator. Her response was: "You cannot use the exercise bike. You can walk, but no speed walking or power walking."

Jeepers. That's pretty tight. I'm kind of going nuts without the exercise and by evening each night I start hopping around the house...literally....which is probably without a doubt on the forbidden exercise list. But I can't contain myself!

Anyway, today I opened my email and there was a new message from the coordinator. The subject line read: Re: Exercise. I thought, now what? walking either?

I opened the message and began reading. She had simply emailed me by replying to my last message. She said she coordinated with the lab and if everything stays on track, my transfer is scheduled for Thursday, May 21st.

As in 22 days from today!!!!!

Holy cow!!

My head reeled. Okay....let's see, what needs to stay on track? My cheeks flushed. Do I even know what needs to stay on track??? I began storming through the house (probably breaking the "no power walking" rule) grasping and clutching at papers. Looking at schedules and numbers and appointments.

Okay, here is my "track":
(1) I have a follow up U/S Monday. If the cyst is gone then stop BCPs.

(2) Hope for AF to come by Friday May 8th. If she arrives by then, I need to have another U/S to be sure my lining is thin, my E2 is low and my ovaries are clear.

(3) If lining, E2 and ovaries cooperate, then I can start the Delestrogen.

(4) After some period of time on the Delestrogen, I have another U/S to be sure the lining is building up properly.

(5) If lining is good, then we are on for the 21st.

So, okay, a sequence of five things need to happen to stay on track. I'm a realist, you know. I have a quick flush of excitement and then I settle down and figure out the reality of things. It could happen as planned, and it might not. I'm okay with that.

But still, my heart is really happy today. I might need to go hop around the house a little.


Sandra D. said...

That's amazing! Enjoy the feeling :-)

tireegal68 said...

what great news! And what a lovely day! I could picture those girls as I read about them.
I really hope all the five things line up. I think I will be doing the same kind of thing as you eventually when we get to our donor egg / sperm goal - which is our new plan!
Maybe go for long walks to deal with the jitters?

IVF 40+ said...

what a great post - I loved it. The little girls who sound great, the friend who looks great. And the best news of all ...22 days. congratulations and enjoy the next 22 days of prep.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for 22 days! Less than one month! Hope all stays on track for you. Good luck!

Lucky Jones said...

Great day for you! How exciting thst the transfer is so close!!!

cindyhoo2 said...

In less than 1 month, you will be pregnant until proven otherwise! No wonder you are bouncing off the wall. Maye now is time for a new hobby-- picture taking while on long slowly paced walks. :)

stillhopeful said...

How awesome! It's great to have one of those days where it all seems to click. On this journey, those days can be far and few between, unfortunately.

22 days - that is exciting! And if you can't exercise, well, I guess you'll just have to add to your list of crap TV! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for a plan! I always feel so much better once I know how things are supposed to go. I hope the 22 days fly by for you, even without being able to jump rope!