Friday, April 10, 2009


I know there are a lot of women and couples out there like me....experiencing the ups and downs, hopes and devastations of infertility. I had no idea how many of you were out there until I began doing some research in my own quest for answers. I tried to research "just the facts" -- the scholarly articles and medical postings. But I kept tripping across what I now realize to be the blogs of so many women, recounting their own tales of woe, their experiences with RE's, the dreaded 2ww, the numerous unsuccessful IUI's and various medication cycles. At first I huffed in exasperation when I came across the blogs. I was NOT looking for what I thought to be merely the opinions of non-professionals. I wanted answers. REAL answers.

Okay, okay, quit laughing at me. I now know that if there were real answers out there, many of these blogs would not exist. When I finally took the time to READ the blogs, I realized that here, among you all, the bloggers, the posters, the commentators, the was what I needed. Support. Encouragement. Commonality. A place to shout "It's so unfair!" A place to laugh, cheer, cry and discover the vast knowledge and experience of others.

Now, as my husband and I travel our own road of infertility, I must say that I treasure my new friends. You all out there in cyberspace. You all who have given me hope, inspiration and much more information that those medical articles I set out to look for.

I want to share our experience with you and hope that I, too, will provide a forum for your need to shout, laugh, cheer, cry and discover new experiences.

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just me said...

welcome to the community. I am sad when someone new has to join......but glad that they have found this wonderful world which has been so supportive. May your journey be blessed.