Monday, April 20, 2009

Let the Drugs Begin!


It's a go.

BCP's begin tonight. Lupron on Saturday.

I swear....I think I actually ovulated the very MINUTE my blood was drawn this morning. Estradiol was still on the rise, but so was my progesterone. My RE apparently thought that was a good enough sign to proceed.

Only catch (isn't there always?) is that I need a follow up U/S around May 5th to be sure my ovarian cyst has indeed disappeared.

That means Dr. JabbaWand gets an extra swipe at me.

Nevertheless, all I can think about are those sweet little embryos, stored away in straws, tucked into a cylinder, and closed behind a freezer door. Ever since I learned about them, and was told the paperwork had been signed off and they were ours, all I could think was: "Hang on my loveys! Mommy is coming!"


Lorraine said...

You're on your way! Your loveys will be in there soon - so sweet that you think of them that way!

just me said... sweet. very exciting! wishing you lots of positive thoughts!