Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Little More About Wacky P

Thank you to everyone who commented about my sil (Wacky P)and for sharing your TV preferences...you all gave me a lot of encouragement. We watch(ed) so many of the same shows and I just knew that there would be many brilliant and successful people out there raised on crap TV (which, btw, I don't think is all crappy anyway - The Muppets was a classic, indeed!). But truly, parenting is so multi-faceted, TV alone can't be a predictor of outcome. I'm almost looking forward to going over there now! Thank you for helping me to feel empowered!

I want to tell you two more things about Wacky P, and then I'll move on.

First, she breastfed The Boy till he was 4 years old. No kidding. The only reason she stopped is because she had The Girl, who, as it turned out, was unable to breastfeed for medical reasons. I'm sorry, I totally advocate breastfeeding (if you are able to and want to do it), but really....breastfeeding a 4 year old is gross.

Second is the first offensive thing Wacky P ever said to me. My husband and I may still have been dating at the time. We were in her kitchen as she cooked (it may have been the same day she educated me about fresh eggs). I told her the story of how, when I was 4 years old, I dragged a chair over to the stove so I could climb up to get some cookies which were kept in a cupboard over the stove. I was too young to realize that the stove was on, and I stepped onto a red hot electric burner. I severely burned the bottom of my foot (for which my poor Mom still feels guilty).

Can you guess what Wacky P said upon hearing this story?

She shook her head and said, "Well, that's what you get for feeding cookies to kids."

I was stunned and speechless.

Of course now I would think, "Yeah, well, feeding kids cookies is a whole lot more reasonable than breastfeeding a 4 year old." --- Okay, I hope I might have the guts to say that, although for the sake of my poor husband (always caught in the middle), I'd probably just let it go.



Gina said...

BF a 4 year old is GRRRossss!

I watched a special on dateline I believe and there were moms who were bf 7yr olds. Something is wrong with them.

IVF 40+ said...

My sil is a nightmare too. She made my brother cancel his visit to us (which was to console me about our m/c) . I worry about my brother being caught in the middle all the time but that having been said, if she hurts my feelings I say something. She is a grown up version of a school bully and refused to be bullied.

cindyhoo2 said...

"That's what you get for feeding cookies to children!" Really, WTF? Cookies are some of the best things about childhood--- along with Saturday morning cartoons and chocolate chip pancakes. My siblings and I are all in the highest percentiles of IQ scores, and yes, my mother neglectfully exposed us to tv and sugar. *GASP in horror* A question for your SIL: what about the kids who got sick from tainted SPINACH? Did they deserve bad outcomes or was that a tragic accident?

You must continue to update us on Wacky P from time to time-- she is a hoot (but only as filtered through someone else).

just me said...

there has to be one in every family doesn't there? and all i am gonna say is .......GROSS, 4 years old? ewww!
and sorry about the cookie comment, some day i wonder how people like that function in the real world.

Scrambled Egg said...

You totally crack me up. First off, I think that BF a 4 year old is just SO inappropriate. I'll never forget the time I saw a kid of similar age say "Snack, mommy!" and proceeded to lift up her shirt and grab her boob. First off, if your kid can 1. help himself to your breast without you lifting the shirt or moving the bra 2. The kid can talk--then cup and milk people!

Secondly, WTF! Cookies? Ok, I thought my sil was bad, but this takes the cake. I'm sure that cookies are ok with fresh eggs though? =)

Alex P said...

Hey BWUB! you can contact me at junipersona@hotmail.com... and my pleasure on the blog, ive shared it with tonnes of people because I cant find a thing on the site that doesn't sound delicious...

I am lucky enough to have a sil who doesn't suck, even if we sometimes disagree... Ha. thats funny, possibly ironic. I have a sis in law who doesn't suck and you have one who doesnt mind being sucked.. even when her kid has teeth. awkward.

Take it in stride. Your issues are physical, no fault of your own, and may cost money to overcome... hers are inside her head and will likely remain forever untouched by professionals who coule help prevent the inevitable. For your Neice/Nephews sake, I hope your house came with a ready made in-law suite, perfect for a weekend hide-away- with cable!