Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Shot in the Dark

Good golly, I've got to teach my husband how to give me an IM shot.

The Delestrogen. Of course I'll handle the SQ Lupron. When I learned that the Delestrogen was IM, I thought, hm, how to do that? The Clinic quickly said, "Oh, your husband can learn to give them to you."

My husband? Surely they were joking. My husband grimaces and can't watch when they show a "murdered body" on the TV show Bones or one of those CSI shows. He can barely withstand hearing the word "blood."

Oh, and did I mention he has a purpose tremor?

I thought, having him try to do this could be dangerous....for both of us. I told the Clinic I'd have our monitoring clinic give me the twice weekly shots.

Then I read the literature and discovered that the shots had to continue into 12 weeks of a pregnancy (I'm being hopeful, see?) Twelve weeks?! I can't drive to the clinic twice a week for 12 weeks just to get a shot.

"Honey," I said, "You gotta give me these shots." I told him why. Surprisingly, he was willing. "Okay," he said, "If I have to, I have to."

So I'm going to teach him. Did I mention that I was a registered nurse in a previous life? All those years are going to come in handy.

I'm going to the grocery store to buy some meat, I'm going to tie it to a plate or cutting board, and I'm going to have him practice injecting that meat with water over and over and over.

According to my calendar, we should start the Delestrogen around the second week of May. By then, Honey will be a pro and my behind should just look like another slab of meat to him.

Good golly.


IVF 40+ said...

I burst out laughing when I saw you were going to have him practice on some meat! Great to read your blog

Anonymous said...

[Here from LFCA]
Good luck with your cycle!! And the meat stabbing! :)

Pam said...

Here from LFCA. Good luck with the upcoming cycle.

Dora said...

Wondering if there's a reason you need to take your estrogen IM? I'm nearly 6 weeks pregnant with donor embryos, and I've only used oral estrogen. I take 4 mg orally 3 times a day. My lining was great with just that.

BTW, welcome. Sorry you need to be here.

Parenthood For Me said...

Stopping by to say hello. You're lucky to have the RN skills. I had my mother is a NP. But it was not easy having my husband inject me with 18 guage needles.