Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh, joyous day!

Today is my birthday.

My husband, who is not the guy, is trying so hard to surprise, comfort, encourage and support me.

And I love him for it. First thing this morning, barely awake, as he stood at the toilet, he began signing "Happy Birthday" to me. I had to laugh.

I walked into the living room to find a gift bag, pink roses and a card awaiting me. My heart turned to mush.

We don't give each other fancy or expensive gifts. We never really have. Can't afford to and have other things to spend our money on (like fertility treatments).

Last night I told him that it would mean the world to me if, this morning for my birthday, he would make my bowl of cereal, pour the milk onto it, and bring it to me. It is the tiniest efforts of love that mean the most to me.

A bowl of cereal, pink roses and a card that brought tears to my eyes.

Today I feel lucky and blessed.


Dora said...

Happy birthday!!

IVF 40+ said...

Happy Birthday!!! have a wonderful day

Hillary said...

Happy birthday!!! I love the little, sweet, and thoughtful things your husband did to celebrate!

(here from LFCA)