Sunday, April 26, 2009

Master Dart Thrower? -- Not Yet.

Oh man. I am starting to think I might have to give myself the IM Delestrogen shots. But no need to panic just yet.

Yesterday was my first Lupron. A tiny little syringe with an itty bitty needle. A wee bit of medicine. No need to aspirate for blood like you need to do with an IM. I admit I was a little nervous before doing that first one. Then I found out that the shot didn't hurt. It really didn't!

I decided that this morning I would have my husband watch as I gave myself the Lupron. Describing the procedure as I did it. I'm going to have him give me the baby steps before moving onto the big guns (IM shots).

So this morning, he watched. He uttered a "yowch!" as he watched the itty bitty needle sink into my belly. He seemed okay. Then we walked to the closet where my box of other meds await. I said, "I want to show the needle you'll have to use for the Delestrogen." I'm trying to break him into this step by step. I pulled a strip of 1.5 inch needles from the box.

He grimaced. He said, "And I have to put that all the way in? I think I am going to pass out just looking at that needle......what if I hit your bone?"

Not only do I not want him to pass out, I don't want to waste expensive medication. Or slip with a needle in his hand.

As some of you know, I plan to have him practice giving IM shots on a beef brisket before taking aim at my tender backside. But I am beginning to wonder if I might just be able to do this myself. I twisted myself around to the right to see if I thought I could do it. Probably. With difficulty.

Did any of you have issues with your spouse/partner learning to give intramuscular shots? Any suggestions? Should I just figure out how to do it myself? Or should I just keep working to get him ready to do it? Part of me really wants him to do it so that he feels like he has an active role in this whole process. That the possibility of having this baby is dependent upon his participation.

I'd be happy to hear what you think.


IVF 40+ said...

my guy watched me do the little shots, gave me a few shots and each time he was pale and shaky. When it came time for the PIO shot I was so full of fear I couldn't even look at the needle. Somehow this kicked his protective nature into gear and he was amazing.

Anonymous said...

My DH never watched me do the Lupron - he did go through the "training" (5 minute lecture at clinic). He refused to even talk about it but he said he would do it. And he did - two cycles now, one with 8 weeks of PIO shots.

However, you absolutely CAN do this yourself, I have done it a number of times when I went somewhere overnight. But I agree this is important to make him part of the process. Good luck - love the brisket idea!

mekate said...

Congratulations on starting the Lupron! That first shot is so friggin weird. So good for you for getting it over with and on with it. My darlin got training at the clinic for the IM shots, and he practiced over and over and over on the fake butt while we were there. We decided on the push rather than dart throw method and that worked better for us, but it still pretty much sucked. I iced, but others use heat-- so don't be afraid to experiment when the time comes to do what is best for you. Keep that butt cheek relaxed, turn your toe inward if you are standing-- there are some great do it yourself videos out there-- check you tube... and good luck! I hope it goes really well.

Dora said...

Being single, I do all my own injections. The twisting around can be a bit difficult, but not that hard. I also use a mirror.