Saturday, August 29, 2009

Closer Scrutiny

This is the sequel to yesterday's post about gray hair and pudge. I thought I'd actually show you some pictures. What the heck.

As for the issue of hair dye, my OB told me after my second m/c that it is their belief that hair dye is safe during pregnancy because very little of the chemical is able to absorb into the scalp, and the dye that does absorb remains local (i.e., isn't circulated systemically throughout your body). But I know several IVF clinics tell you not to color your hair during the first trimester. My own clinic didn't say anything one way or the other, I just took it upon myself to quit coloring it. My understanding is that the fetus is most susceptible to toxins and other harm during the first trimester when every part of its body is forming. By the second tri, everything is pretty much in place and just needs to grow and finalize development. I'm not advising anyone to color their hair or not, and of course I would direct you to your own doc or RE for his/her input.

My hair has gotten long. The ends are so dry and full of split ends. Note that I cleverly included my temples in the photo, so you can see the wild gray hairs sproinging this way and that. Well, you can sort of see. Trust me, there are a lot more than you can see.

I haven't had a haircut or color since April. I used to color it regularly...trying to maintain the auburn color God (and my parents) gave me. Although it's impossible to actually get it to be my original color.

I'm thinking shoulder length, long layers and deep, rich, golden red for autumn. In the summer I like it to be a little lighter, blondish-red. And in the middle of winter, I try to go bright, Christmas red. What fun hair color is!

So here's the paunchy belly. At 10 weeks, with only one baby, I shouldn't be so round. Although you know me, I'm attributing much of it to constipation. But it could also be cookies, I suppose! :)

And how will I come out about the pregnancy to my co-workers? I have no idea. I can't think of a scenario that could possibly play out well. I guess I'm hoping to hide it for as long as I can (please, cool weather, come soon so that I can wear blazers and cardigans and bulky sweaters!) until there's no denying the truth. If anyone can think of a way that won't result in fanfare, questions or much attention, I'd love to hear it.


Alex P said...

ha ha ha! no fanfare? are you kidding? if anyone deserves to celebrate, you do! so let your coworkers get a little protective and loving about your delicious baby belly!

Or just set up a meeting with your boss, ask her to tell everyone else that matters, but that youre sensitive since its your first baby. Then they can tell everyone one at a time that youre kinda superstisious about it and they will be really respectful but again, protective of you and baby.

and by the way, your little belly super duper looks like a teeny baby belly... I dont think people will think its paunch.


I do the same chameleon hair transitions - blonde in summer, red in autumn and brown in winter. I think its just part of my personality, I love change.

IVF 40+ said...

Oh how you taunt me with your pooch! I agree - i think it's so damn cute. be proud of the pooch!
I love your hair color. Same as my bro's.

stillhopeful said...

Great hair, love the color and fullness!! My doc was also not adamant about the hair color thing. I have a ton more greys than you, and dark brown hair, so I went near the end of my first tri and did a non-peroxide, deposit only semi-permanent color (basically, it has much less chemicals than regular dye). It actually covered just as well as the permanent dye, so I'm sticking with that from now on to be less harsh to my hair.

And the bump is darn cute! But I know what you mean, if people don't know you're pg, they might assume you've gained some weight. I started wearing obvious maternity clothes probably before I needed to since I didn't want the bump to be mistaken for chub! But you're in a different situation with your job and I can understand wanting to hide it for longer. Lightweight blazers and cardigans over fairly snug, but ruched (sp?) tank tops helps to hide the bump for me - I can still look not quite pg at 22 weeks with those clothes!

Fran said...

You are lovely!! and the belly!! so so cute!! my advice is to play dumb Paddy and say nothing, then when it'l be really obvious you say "God...I thought you knew! Did I not tell you a few weeks ago?" Generally it works! Much love, Fran

looking4#3 said...

What a tease!! I think your hair looks so incredibly gorgeous!! Dye or not, LOVE the color, thickness and length!

As for telling co-workers embrace it. When I was pregnant with my daughter (not married and 19) I didn't embrace it. I tried to "hide" it, it is one of the biggest regrets I have. Take it all in, live in the limelight!!! Let everyone shout congratulations from the rooftops. Girl, you deserve it and so much more!!!
As for your "pooch"--if that is a "pooch" I must be sporting a full grown large dog!!! I think you are a teeny, tiny little thing that can afford every singe 20-25 pounds of pregnancy weight! I don't think anyone is on to your little secret. When they do find out, they are going to wonder where you are hiding that child or maybe even ask if you are using a surrogate!
I am so happy for you. Such good times and happy things going on and it couldn't be happening to anyone nicer!!

cindyhoo2 said...

Very clever photo! Okay, I see the grey but I promise that you do not look tired or old. :) I also love your new hair idea.... maybe because that is how I have my haircut now. I also think that changing reds with the seasons is quite fun. Not long now until trimester 2 and you can put your hair plan in place.

BTW: if you wear clothes like the one in the picture, you coworkers are going to figure you out soon. Your belly is cute and it looks like a tiny baby belly. Sorry, no paunch.

embieadoptmom said...

You are so TINY!! Just doggone adorable! I cannot use the word "paunchy" when I see your tiny frame!! Your hair looks thick and lovely, I love your idea of shoulder length for fall, I just did the same thing! From what I can see of you, YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! As for the co workers, I LOVE that you are keeping it a secret! That's when you can really mess with them when one FINALLY asks "Are you preg?" And you can say "NO, IM JUST FAT!" HILARIOUS!

K said...

Uhm yeah. If that's a pooch, then I'm sportin the whole pack of dogs, and with no excuse. ;)