Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming Full Circle

I have not posted anything about my garden in a while. But I wanted you to know that we've had a mini-harvest!

In a way, I feel like the kindergartner proudly wearing his little paper mortarboard, graduating and receiving a tiny rolled up diploma that the teachers made. I mean, come on now, I've seen your blogs. You know who you are. You have enough produce to actually be able to can and store proceeds from your harvest! You are my idols, that's all I can say.

Nevertheless, I am proud. I purchased seed packets and I grew things! Sometimes success depends on how you choose to measure it.

So here's a photo of my colorful little mini-harvest:

The hip of my giant bell pepper is just starting to turn color.

And I must tell you, I never thought my cantaloupe was going to ripen. It hung there and hung there.

Yesterday evening I went out to check it, and it simply broke from the stem into my hand! It's done! I held it up to the sky, and in a deep voice, I announced: "I HAVE CREATED CANTALOUPE!"

This morning I cut it open and we ate it for breakfast. It was gone in 5 minutes flat. My husband said it's the best cantaloupe he's ever tasted. I agreed. We finished it, wiped the juice from our lips, sighed, and then I said, "Three and a half months of daily care to grow it....five minutes to eat it!"

Okay, now for the ugly side of things. Well, I started my new job which took away from my garden tending time. Things kind of slipped a bit here and there.

One of my potted tomatoes was not staked well enough and some of the branches bowed over and one actually broke. It looks a mess, but you know what? The fruit on those bowed and broken branches continues to grow! So, okay, it's not perfect but it still works!

And one tomato plant outgrew its cage and leaned itself right over onto the house. But that plant, and the one next to it never produced a single tomato. Don't know why. Their leaves were plenty happy to grow, but no fruit.

Next year, I hope to do better. This year I began without an inkling of knowledge and just sort of felt my way along. Next year I have bigger plans! Of course, by next spring I also hope to have a precious new baby snuggled in a sling against my chest, who will go outside with me, into the yard, and be with me as my garden is planted and grows.

Sort of like this year.

Kind of an ironic beauty, isn't it? Everything coming full circle like that.


Mad Hatter said...

Oh, what gorgeous, lush pictures! That cantaloupe is divine - perfect I would say! And your accompanying thoughts are very astute...about growing and bearing fruit. We have a lot to learn from your garden. (And also from you - thank you for your much-needed thoughts on my blog, dear friend.) And, yes, next year your garden harvest will be that much sweeter because you will be making homemade baby food with it!! ;-)

Mad Hatter said...
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Mad Hatter said...

Ooops. Posted twice accidentally. Computer trouble!

IVF 40+ said...

Hey I'm impressed as all get out. I can't grow a toenail. And what a lovely image of you with the little puddler in the garden next year. Can't wait to see the photo of that.

Anonymous said...

yum! what beautiful produce!

Riley said...

Your harvest looks wonderful - a big congratulations to you! I'm so jealous of your cantaloupe - it looks yummy. I planted my first garden this year, too - we've eaten quite a few tomatoes, peppers and zucchini but I've also had a lot of set backs and learned a lot along the way. We'll both be master gardeners next year!

Fran said...

What a harvest!! Next year you shoudl enter a cantaloupe competition! Lots of love, Fran

BB said...

My tomato plant looks the same exact way. All bent and broken but they keep growing so I won't bother them.

Wonderful work my friend!

stillhopeful said...

I'm not a garden person in the least, but yours is pretty impressive, I'd say!

And I'm very excited about your Friday post! A great ultrasound (it is so cute when they move, isn't it?) AND the possibility of sticking it to the OMC. Add that to your garden and you have a trifecta going on!

embieadoptmom said...

FULL CIRCLE-very cool! You are SO GOOD at growing stuff-even babies :) HUGS!

Alex P said...

super awesome!