Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not In the Groove Yet

You all had such terrific suggestions on telling my friend about the pregnancy. You've given me a lot to think about and several possibilities. No matter what I say to her, she will absolutely be gracious because that's how she is. I just wouldn't want to hurt her.

Now then, how about that new job?

Oh boy.

Well, I'm trying to get the hang of my new job. Except that I've had almost zero direction from anyone. I was assigned a few cases, one actual case file reached my desk...but no one's said what I should do other than become familiar with the cases.

Um. Okay.

So I read them. I did some legal and medical research on the relevant issues. I made some notes.

Finally today I spoke up. And when I asked, I was told that at the moment they didn't expect me to do anything but become familiar with the cases. No product is expected of me just now.

Okay. So I'm doing self-directed research. Which isn't the worst thing.

But it's not terribly engrossing, and I'm SO tired by 3 pm that my eyes itch and I want to take a 20 minute nap. I'm getting fidgety. My chair is not comfortable after sitting there hour after hour. My belly twinges and feels bloated sometimes and I wish I could lie down and rub it.

Yes, I miss being home. Today I actually unbuttoned my pants while sitting at my desk to ease my belly. Not that I'm showing, and I wear my regular clothes, but it just felt good to release it from the confines of my waistband! Sometimes my belly just feels....weird...and I can't get comfortable.

I also realized today that when I'm feeling bored or fidgety at work, I look for something to snack on. Dangerous! I don't want to gain a lot of unnecessary weight. I bring home made trail mix as a snack, but raisins and walnuts are highly caloric. Maybe I should just get up and go for a walk for 5 or 10 minutes.

I just wish I had something really engrossing to focus on so that the hours would pass more quickly. It sucks to look up at the clock and see that it's only 10 am.

I'm sure things will come together soon, and I don't mean to whine (I'm grateful to have a job at long last), I'm just having some "adjustment pains" I guess. Trying to find my rhythm in a new place with new people and new expectations.


Thanks for letting me vent.


Anonymous said...

So hard getting in the groove at a new job, but you'll get there! I don't know if you've worked for the government before, but it is really different from private practice (at least in my experience!)

Going for a quick walk sounds like a great idea for breaking that snack mode - and it will familiarize you with the immediate area too. Hope your insides start to settle down soon!

embieadoptmom said...

OH...the 10am comment. That is still so early. I'm so sorry you can't stay awake, I can imagine how tough it is girl. you are right walking sounds good. It will give you that extra energy you need! PS-let it all hang out-ain't nothin wrong wit that LOL! Baby's gotta BREATHE!

Anonymous said...

To be successful in state service is to master the art of stretching 1 hours worth of work into 1 weeks worth of work.

Anonymous said...

I always hate the first few weeks of a new job, wanting to jump straight in and being unable to always unnerves me, I much prefer to be so busy that I don't notice the time passing until I hear people saying goodnight.

Yey for the start of the weird feeling belly, you might be still in your regular clothes but it won't be long now until you're struggling to button your pants (how exciting!).

Fran said...

My lovely friend, I too get very tired in the afternoon! But for the moment I'm at home taking it easy for a few days in case it may make a difference! Definitely undo your pants! and have you tried snacking on cereals? like those for breaky? I find that helps and they shoudn't have too many calories. Lots of love, Fran

looking4#3 said...

The first few/several weeks are horrendous!! The boredom should be a small form of torture. I can completely relate. I, personally find them SO comfortable. Wish I could wear them now!!!
Hoping the time passes quicker at work.

IVF 40+ said...

Oh I suck at self directed work when there's no fire to put out. Going for a walk is a great idea. Maybe walk around the place and find excuses to chat with people. Take 5 mins of getting to know you time with 10 people and with the walk time that becomes an hour!!!

AS for snacks -fruit, TLC bars, raw almonds? The hagan daz sorbet and frozen yog bars are really great and only 2 weight watcher points so they are my sweet treat on bad days.

hope this helps

Anonymous said...

oy, im right there with you every day at 10am! my job is very similiar, lots of research and drafting - it can get very tiring to sit at my desk for such long stretches. i second one of the pp'ers suggestions of getting up and talking with coworkers. or, getting a little candy dish on your desk - then they'll come to you! of course, that doesnt help with the eating-healthy-snacks issue ;)

Mad Hatter said...

Ugh. There is nothing worse than endless hours of not producing anything. Yes, going for a walk is a good idea. Also, going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea can be a big production. Go boil the water first. Then go back and put hot water in the cup. Then make the tea. I do it in the morning and the afternoon, and it certainly breaks things up because I usually run into coworkers in the kitchen and have a chat.
On the work front, are there any projects you can create for yourself, like setting up a filing system, setting up folders in your e-mail box, or collecting and developing a list of important contacts?
I hope they give you something substantial to do soon!
P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - it really helped!

stillhopeful said...

I hear you - it's hard to get into the groove at a new job. I started mine 2 years ago, and it was the opposite - so much to learn, new systems, new products... I had to catch up very quickly, and I felt very incompetent for the first few weeks.

As far as the tiredness, I was exhausted the first tri, almost falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon, but then it really just lifeted the second tri. I didn't belive it would, but my energy simply came back.

I also try to bring snacks to work so I'm not tempted by the vending machine. Fruit is always good, plus energy/granola bars are helpful for me.

You'll get that groove soon!

Alex P said...

If youre bored, try coming up with a really set organizational plan for how you will file and access things within your workspace- google data-basing and filing ideas so that when you do get busier, finding things is easy! It will keep your fingers busy, and once the research is done with one case, you will know where to access the file again if something similar comes up... and it will make things easier when youre on leave if people need to access your stuff! (I don't know how long you get, in Canada we get a year paid... I know many american companies you only get 6 weeks...(sorry!) but Im sure someone will need to at least peek at something of yours while you're gone)

I think the urge to snack is more baby than you, and although I understand and encourage the healthy approach, don't refuse yourself too much! get some hummus and carrots and munch a bit!

Which reminds me... How is your garden?

cindyhoo2 said...

The first days in a new job are just so DULL. Then with pg tireness on top of dull, I cannot fathom how you are keeping your eyes open.

As for the pants thing--- I agree that the baby needs his/her space--- unbuttom away!