Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day On the Job

Today was my first day of work. Here my take on things, in a nutshell:

My office:
Let's just say, it used to be a store room. Interior. No window. But hey, it's an office and not a cubicle.

The people:
Nice, nice and very nice. This is an important thing, wherever you work.

My day:
Paperwork and more paperwork. I am being inducted into the state, so there is a ten-foot pile of paperwork to complete. I must have typed my name, address and social security number 4,000 times today.

I packed enough food for 3 days. I wasn't sure how hungry I might be, and I'm used to grazing at home whenever I wanted. So I packed all kinds of food and snacks. Then they took me out to lunch. I'll have less to pack tomorrow.

Preparing and inserting progesterone suppositories in a cramped stall with 2 other women in the restroom at the same time was - nerve wracking. I hated it. I felt stressed and was afraid I'd drop them on the floor. Very, very awkward.

My new state ID:
I look drugged out. My eyes are half closed. My bangs are too long, need to be trimmed, and were dragging in my eyes. Perfectly terrible photo!

At the moment, it feels like it was a long day. I'm tired. But it really went quite well overall. I am used to lying down whenever I want. I thought, how will I be able to sit/stand for 8+ hours straight? But I did. And it was okay.

I guess I have to do it again tomorrow.


Lucky Jones said...

The first day is always weird and awkward. It's like the first day of school, being the new kid always sucks. But you got through it!! I am hoping you enjoy it :)

embieadoptmom said...

Sounds like overall a GREAT DAY! YAY for the 3 days worth of food! I too am a grazer. Good thing I live on a farm so it comes natural! Glad you are feeling so good that you can work! HUGS to you! Do they know that you are preggers?

Fran said...

My dear friend, first of all congratulation to surviving the first day in work! The tiredness may also be due to the stress of the day, meeting new people, settling in, but you seem to have done really really well! Tomorrow will be easier. But certainly tke it very easy, strech yourself as much as possible when you are in your office, and you'll be soon obviously pregnant so you'll be excused! Thnaks so much for your thoughts and prayers, I'm waiting for the dreaded phone call but try to stay calm and think positively that this time we'll be ok. Lots f love, Fran

looking4#3 said...

Yay for getting through your first day. And yes, I agree with you a small, no window office is far better than any cube!

So glad the people were very nice. I worked at a job I hated. Despised actually, but for over 2 years because I loved the people. Makes such a big difference in the day.

Can you take a stash of food (crackers, wheat thins, triscuits) and leave them in ziploc bags in your desk?? I could have fed a small country with my "goodies" especially during my pregnancy!

Kuddos to you for getting the progesterone done at work. I am sure you were very creative in the positioning and tring to be quiet!

I have NO doubt that you are being far more critical than needed with your state ID.

So glad it was a great experience overall! I am sure it was the first positive day of many, many more to come!!!!
PS--Thanks for your advice. You hit the nail on the head (do you know my cousin??)

Riley said...

Glad your first day went well. Working with nice people really does make all the difference so be thankful on that front because unfortunately I don't and it is miserable.

stillhopeful said...

Always good to have a smooth first day. I remember all that paperwork and getting used to things at the beginning. It will be so much more fun when you really get to do your job and accomplish things!

And I completely understand what you mean about the suppositories... I had to do that at work, too! Definiteyl stressful and a little embarrassing. But oh well - we do what we have to!

stillhopeful said...

Oh - forgot to mention... I didn't talk to the ultrasound doc about the flu/swine shots. I have a regular OB appointment next week and plan to check with her then - I'll let you know what she says!

optimisticallyhopeful said...

Congrats on the good first day! I definitely agree with you, coworkers are such an important part of your work experience. I'm glad you have some nice ones.

tireegal68 said...

good for you for figuring out how to do all the stuff you do at home in confined circumstances! Glad you are feeling good about it - if understandably tired!
It sounds kind of fun and exciting!
I remember my first full time job out of school ( which was a little late in life for me at the age of about 27) and thinking after a few days - gosh do I have to keep on doing this for the rest of my life? That was a rude awakening! But you have done it before and you have a great goal in sight!!
Hope you manage to pace yourself throughout the week.
What kind of work are you going to be doing exactly? Some kind of law, right?

cindyhoo2 said...

Sounds like a great first day all in all! I think you are smart to bring the big bag o'snacks... that sounds like a good way to keep you focused and energized. In terms of the less than flattering ID photo, that is the rule. It's nice to have a photo you hate and have to wear around every day.

Still feeling good or has the exhaustion kicked in yet? Also how are you planning to explain away all your appointments?