Friday, August 7, 2009

Spot Is Not a Dog

Stupid spotting. It's back.

I'm not having a melt down. I don't have any cramping. I'm lying on the couch. It's probably just the result of progesterone-lining irritation and maybe the fact that I did a lot of running around today. Simple overexertion.

Still, I could really do without seeing red. It's in no way encouraging. It's a reminder of what is at stake. It sobers me faster than seeing a cop in the rear view mirror.

Amazing that so many people are on this earth, isn't it? All of them came from some pregnant lady. Her belly swelled, all went well, she gave birth and she held a newborn infant. She named it and brought it home. And here they all are. It is just astonishing to think about.

So I'm going to lie here, watch TV, let my DH cook dinner and think about all those people.


looking4#3 said...

It's not all THOSE people--YOU are one of them!!! Who knows maybe one day your LO will sit and think of all "those" people too when he/she's child is baking too!!! Now I am really getting a head of myself. I've already had your child born, toddler years gone, elementary school over, HS completed and college degree earned. Maybe I'll slow it down a little.
I know in just 4Xs a couple of months your LO will be snuggled in your arms and you will wonder what you ever did with all that "free" time!!!!
No worries my friend. Keep the faith. Stay strong!

embieadoptmom said...

sure you wanna take that job? LOL Who will I complain to and who will answer me back during the day now? Tell Spot to KISS OFF! Relax and enjoy your weekend friend. Praying all is perfectly well!

Fran said...

Ahhhhhww so nice of you to spot to keep me company!! :O))))))) No need really though! Kidding eehehe

Now, seriously. I wonder if it would be that time of the month for you, you shoudl be 8 weeks now, am I right? so whatever is making you spotting there's really no reason to worry and the next scan will be in no time at all. If you do feel worry though, call the clinic and see if they can scan you earlier for your peace of mind. Thanks so much for your posts they are always so reassuring, I promise I will come there for real to give you a proper hug one day soon. Love, Fran

Riley said...

Ugggh - sorry about the spotting - I'm sure that is so scary. I know what you mean - it really is amazing that so many people manage to give birth when you think of all the millions of little things that must go right for that to happen. Despite the spotting it sounds like those things are going right for you. Just take it easy and if it continues or gets worse, don't hesitate to call your doctor - but I'm sure you already know that part!

IVF 40+ said...

How is it going this morning? Hope you got a great nights rest and the spotting is gone.

cindyhoo2 said...

I agree with the other commenters that all is still well yith little baby chickenleg. BUT I can only imagine how stressful the spotting must be for you. Can you change from the insertable projesterone to injectible PIO? I understand that PIO is more readily available for use in your body and would take care of the spotting issue as well.

Hang in there! Trimester 2 is within sight!


stillhopeful said...

How frustrating to keep getting that spotting. Sounds like you're taking it in stride, though, that's good.

Are you still having weekly u/s's? Hopefully that will give you that extra reassurance!

Alex P said...

take care of yourself! you sound like youre doing a great job of being calm, and taking it for what it is- a reminder to enjoy being pregnant and having a great excuse to put your feet up and let dh dote.

Anonymous said...

It's mighty unsettling, isn't it? You know I can relate and understand what you're going through with the spotting. I'm glad that you aren't having a meltdown though, that's definitely progress. And while I know it's possible to "get used" to the spotting, I really, really hope that you don't have to. I hope it goes away soon.