Friday, August 28, 2009

Weirder and Weirder

You know I've only been at my new job for 3 weeks. At yesterday's out of town meeting, 5 or 6 people from my department attended. One of them, K, was a gal who I only met once before. She is quite pregnant. In fact, with her large belly, I was amazed and impressed at how focused she was on work. She's fairly tall, but quite thin, and so her belly was pure basketball.

Anyway, I don't really know her that well, but after yesterday's meeting ended, I wanted to ask her some questions. I didn't want to be intrusive or nosy, so I said, "K, would you mind if I asked when you are due?" She was quite happy to chat about it.

Her due date is October 4. Just over a month away. So I said something about being at this meeting, 2 hours from home, when she's due in just a month. She said, "Yeah, I know, I thought about that, but...." anyway, she came to the meeting.

Then I opened my big mouth and told her a story (really, it's not a horror story, it's more amusing) about my friend who was 8 hours out of town a month before she was due and ended up having the baby, while out of town, on Christmas Eve! Fortunately the baby, despite coming a month early, was perfectly fine (which I emphasized). It just was completely unexpected and her husband and in-laws had to run out shopping on Christmas Eve to buy a car seat and baby things!

K didn't seem fazed a bit, and said her family is having a get together for an 80 year old uncle in the middle of September, at a location 3 hours from home. She thought maybe that would be too far. I just gulped.

So this morning we had a telephone conference (we are located in different buildings) to debrief yesterday's meeting. I presumed K was on the line with everyone else. About 20 minutes into the call, the lead person said, "Oh, I'm going to have to cut this short....I just got a message that K is in the hospital. She's in labor!"

Yes, it's true. Her water broke at 2 am and she's going to have the baby. I said, "Thank God it didn't happen yesterday!" And I asked the person to please send K my good wishes for a safe arrival of her baby.


Later today I was at my desk and a woman I didn't know walked by. One of my female co-workers called out to the woman, "Wow, look at've gained weight!" Well, she said it good naturedly because as it turns out (of course) the woman is pregnant. Since they were right outside my office door (the thoroughfare) I could hear everything. The woman remarked joyfully how she is now 4 months pregnant and due in January.

I thought, wow, I'm due in March, and I haven't yet told a soul.

It's like I keep stumbling across these women. Weird.

Each time I go to the ladies' room at work, I look at myself in the full length mirror and wonder if I look paunchy. I do. The good thing is that since I've only worked there for 3 weeks, these people don't know what I really look like! To them, chubby, paunchy, gray-hair templed me is normal. So nobody questions it. A good thing, I guess. I think I look a fright!

Once I hit the second tri, I'm going for a fantastic hair cut and color. Won't they be surprised! And once I finally work into real maternity clothes, I hope to look like a beautiful pregnant lady, and no longer the gray haired paunchy woman!


embieadoptmom said...

GREAT STORY! HILARIOUS about the "paunchy" look LOL I'm sure you will be a HOT PREGNANT MAMA-with or without your gray hair!

Anonymous said...

My friend just had a baby boy - they LIVE two hours from the hospital! And we are almost an hour away (same as when my boy was born). You just pay more attention! I understand it is not too common for babies to be born enroute (although not unheard of!)

I'm sure you look great - did you dye your hair before? I suppose you stopped for the cycle? I ask because I am really thinking about taking the plunge - I have never dyed my hair but the little gray bits are multiplying!

Fran said...

You have to promise you'll send me a picture of your new hairstyle! And of course I can't wait to see you in maternity clothes!
Very strange about your coworker! It's nearly like you "TOLD" her she coudl have a baby early and it happened!! know what you have to tell me, don't you? :o) Much much love, Fran

Mad Hatter said...

I think it's great that you're surrounded by so many pregnant women at work - it sounds like a very baby-friendly place! And yes! Wait until they see that Paunchy Grey Hair is actually a Yummy Tummy in disguise! ;-)

IVF 40+ said...

I wonder if you can take some relief in the fact that there you are amongst the pregnant. You will be, when you 'come out' just one of the girls. How lovely.
Glad the new job is working out, too. Can you rub your belly in luck for the rest of us!!

just me, dawn said...

:) great post! and let me tell you, NOTHING felt better than getting that haircolor after i finished the first trimester....i felt awesome :)

tireegal68 said...

You should advertise as an induction counselor- much better than drugs! Sounds like your workplace is fun, feminine and family friendly!

Jem said...

At least you are experiencing all these pregnant ladies AFTER your BFP, rather than before.

How are you going to come out to your office?


cindyhoo2 said...

I agree that it must feel nice to be working in the land of preggo since you have joined their ranks. :} Ok, that is freaky about your work friend having the baby so soon after your talk.

I'll bet you don't look paunchy. I'll bet you glow!

K said...

Wow! Are you clairvoyant? Do you know what sex your baby is? I bet you have a good guess! Is my next cycle going to work? OK, I'm being silly now. But that IS weird. And somewhat weirder that you are surrounded by so many pg women. In a good way, weird, of course!

NoodleGirl said...

So funny! It's crazy how these stories feel different post-BFP vs pre-BFP, huh? Not better, just different.

So tell me, you're allowed to get haircolor after the 1T? I was thinking I'd have to go the whole way with my highlights half-grown out and the more-than-occasional grey intruder sprouting up. They're hard to keep up with using only a tweezer! ;)