Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost Like a Vacation

Happy Friday everyone!

I had b/w (estradiol level) and U/S this morning. Hopefully those were the last ones before the transfer. U/S showed a lining of 9.4 mm, which I think should be fine at this point. Waiting for estradiol level to come back. Then final instructions from the Clinic.

I'm totally excited for the transfer. I'm planning, making lists and I'm going to begin a preliminary suitcase pack today. The whole "wow, we could actually get pregnant from this" hasn't quite fully hit me yet though.

I'm also looking forward to the long drive with my husband. We'll be gone 5 days and much of it will be spent in a hotel room. In a way, it's kind of like a vacation. Except we won't go sight seeing, or browse shops or eat delicious food at fun restaurants. No beaches, historical towns, no beverages with umbrellas perched on the rim, no hikes or scenic vistas. No, there won't be any of that. Still, it will be nice. A long drive, time to talk, time to think about possibilities, to have quiet time together without phone calls or his work or chores to do. Something different.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I wanted to wish EB good luck tonight with her concert! Knock 'em dead!


looking4#3 said...

Great quality time together!!! Sounds like a great plan. I hope if/when my time comes I can do the exact same thing!!!!
I bet ya can't wait!!!???

Anonymous said...

Aww, come one, you still have to eat! So try to find at least a couple places on the road that aren't fast food (better for embies!) and make it your baby-procurement vacation!

Hope all goes well and you have a great time - long car rides can be awesome.

Anonymous said...

We have to travel 4 hours to our clinic and often spend a weekend per cycle away from home. We love those weekends away, just the two of us exploring a new city and enjoying each other. I consider it the silver lining to all of's been such a great bonding experience for us.

I'm excited for your upcoming transfer and thinking good thoughts for you!