Monday, May 4, 2009

First Hurdle

The Results Are In:

All is well. We are on track. U/S is fine. Estradiol is fine. Stopping BCPs.

Now I need to rant a little.

My Clinic - oops - inadvertently sent two orders to the outside monitoring clinic (OMC). They only meant to order an estradiol....but somehow one of the orders included a progesterone and LH level. So of course the OMC didn't call to confirm which of the orders was correct, and of course the OMC drew the labs, and of course they are charging me the $130 for the cost of the two unnecessary labs. Oops. Thanks a freakin'lot. I love spending money for nothing.

See, THIS is exactly when a nice big, full glass of red whine....I mean wine....would come in really handy. But nooooooooo. It's on the forbidden list. (Suddenly, a string of Italian curse words leap to my mind).

Okay, but the news is good. Let's focus on the positive.

Now I need AF to visit....soon!


Clinic called and they have not yet received the results from my outside monitoring clinic (the OMC) yet. I am so impatient! She is going to call the OMC in 10 minutes to see if they have results yet. THEY SHOULD...IT'S BEEN FREAKING 4 HOURS!

Okay, did I mention I'm feeling a little impatient?

HOWEVER, I think it will be good news. The doc who did the U/S said he did not see any cysts at all!!! I actually did a double fist pump when he said the words. It must have been quite a sight...I don't know how the assistant girl kept from giggling at seeing this woman, still firmly positioned in stirrups, virtually lifting herself off the crinkly white paper to double fist pump the air.

The only other thing I need to follow up on is to make sure that the OMC does not charge me for b/w that my Clinic didn't order. You have to be on top of them every step of the way! This kills me! I had to ask the OMC for a detailed receipt today (they don't give me one otherwise), and when they handed it to me, I saw that the b/w included estradiol, LH and progesterone levels. My Clinic told me (and I just confirmed with them) that I only needed to have the estradiol level. So they better not charge me for tests they took upon themselves to do. As it is, they see fit to charge me $125 each visit for "outside monitoring coordination." I'd say they're a little uncoordinated.

Further update pending.......

I am off to the clinic for a follow up u/s to make sure my cyst has gone away, and for an estradiol level. Wish me luck! I will post an update later today.


stillhopeful said...

Looking forward to your update post!! good luck!

looking4#3 said...

Just stopping by to say I love your blog!!! The name is awesome. I recently started with an RE and told him I thought I wasn't getting pregnant because I had old, rotten, smelly eggs!!! I don't think he got my humor!!!

tireegal68 said...

baited breath over here!
good for you for keeping on top of the money details - you're right - no-one else is going to do it for you!
Good luck - I am taking notes!

Sandra D. said...

That stinks about the $130, but I'm so happy to hear all is going well so far :0) I could go with red wine being in the forbidden list - but not red whine!

looking4#3 said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog!!!
So frustrating to put your life....put your WHOLE life on the line to others isn't it???
Then, to get charged for it as well......I can think of a few choice words myself!!!!

stillhopeful said...

Whoo hoo! You're good to go, that's excellent!

Really stinks about the overcharging. It's amazing how much money is wasted, and with most people being covered by insurance, they don't even catch things like that.

And ya - another cruel joke on us... at the time when we need our wine most, we can't have it!! DH and I have been drinking cranberry juice from our nice wine glasses. We're not fooling ourselves, though!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your OMC is charging you for tests they just decided to do randomly!! That is crazy! Do you get charged if they decided to order lunch while they are doing your tests? Maybe they randomly decide your tests should be done in Hawaii, and they will just charge you to send them all there? Whatever. grrr.

But I'm so impressed that the cyst scene appears clear - hope your b/w lets you get the show on the road!