Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy ICLW Week!

Welcome all ICLWers! Thank you for finding your way to my blog.

For new visitors, here is a synopsis of my story:

My DH and I were married in 2006 and began ttc immediately. I am 43 and he is 42. I became pregnant in May 2007. I m/c'd in late June. I was pregnant again by August 2007, but m/c again in October.

In summer 2008 we made our way to an infertility clinic. Final diagnosis was as I expected: DH is fine. I have old eggs. We were lined up to do an IUI in November 2008. Just days before the cycle was to begin, I was laid off from my job. We cancelled the cycle. It's just as well, I had little faith that an IUI at my age would be successful.

In January 2009 I had begun researching embryo donation. It seemed like a good way for us to go. I contacted a clinic located roughly 500 miles from where we live. In a short time we were matched with a small handful of excellent quality, gorgeous little embryos. We soon had a plan in motion.

In April we began our FET cycle. All went according to plan until my first estradiol level came back higher than the RE preferred. Reducing the medication dosage somehow resulted in an even higher blood level. The RE recommended cancelling the cycle. Because we have so few embryos -- essentially one shot at this -- we agreed and cancelled. We will begin a new cycle soon.

If all had gone according to plan, the transfer of my embryos would have been today.

I have to believe we made the right choice. The science behind IF treatments and procedures is not exact. There remains much that we simply cannot control. I want to be sure that those things we can control are optimized so that we have the best shot. I remain optimistic and hopeful that the next cycle will be successful.


looking4#3 said...

Happy ICLW week!!! Seriously, just the best attitude! But, you already know I knew that!!!
Just stopping by to say HI and checking in on ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was so impressed with you restraint, holding out for a more ideal cycle must have been such a difficult decision to make. I hope the next one works out much better for you.


cindyhoo2 said...

I still think you rock!!

Happy ICLW.

Anonymous said...

wow - i'm so happy to have found your blog!

we have some things in common - general age and corresponding egg troubles, you've been married one year longer than i have, i am a lawyer (non-practicing), and i live in california!

i agree with you on waiting for your FET. after having my first ivf cancelled a few times, i finally realized that waiting is sometimes the best course of action. especially when most everything seems to be out of our control, like you said.

i will be reading backwards now...i'm excited to have found you - thanks to ICLW.


The Captain's Wife said...

Best of luck on your next cycle....hoping that it is the "one"


Anonymous said...

First, I must say I love your header - so clever!

I think it sounds like you made the very best decision under the circumstances...but what a tough one to have to make. Our first cycle was canceled due to a high E2 and I was so frustrated. You gear yourself up and then... wham! But I think you're exactly right...there are so many unknowns, that when we can make choices to give ourselves the best chance possible, we have to grab those!

I'm glad I found your blog through ICLW and I'll definitely be back!


christopher said...

Happy ICLW and thanks for the comment!

What a tough choice to make when you've already waited so long. I hope things even out and good luck with the next cycle.

tireegal68 said...

What a great summary of your long journey to this place. I hope this rest stop is short ( oh god I am getting involved in a ridiculous metaphor that I started all by myself!!!) and that you get going again soon.
What a hard decision, but I like to think I would have as much self control and sense to do the same if I was in those circumstances.
Any clues about the high E2 level?
Happy ICLW!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the cancellation, that is crappy. Are you trying a different protocol next time? Try and lower the E2?
Good luck,


jon and tracy g said...

I'm so sorry your cycle was canceled. I hope everything gets worked out and good luck on your next cycle.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)