Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Fly in the Ointment and Male Performance Anxiety

My estradiol level is 791. High normal range is 600. Crap.

How do I know my estradiol level? No, it's not because the lab timely reported the result to my Clinic, even though the test was ordered "stat" and should have been back in 4 hours. It's because I had to call the phlebotomy lab, then call the hospital lab, then talk with a supervisor and demand a call back when the result was done. You see, the machine had apparently broken down, it had been down all day, someone was working on it and hopefully they'd have the test done by Saturday.


I told them this was unacceptable, that a medication dosage was dependent upon this result and I needed the result ASAP. Well, somehow during this conversation, I got the distinct impression that the supervisor thought I was an employee of the doctor's office calling. I did say that I was the patient when I first called, but if they got confused, well, I wasn't going to correct them, especially if it would get my result done faster.

So Ms. Chatty Lab Supervisor pulled my blood sample, put it to the front of the line, and when the stupid machine was finally working again (the problem had to do with calibration of a new control lot), my test was run and I received a call with the result at 5:30 pm.

So my estradiol is too high and we had to reel in the dosage a bit. And then I have to have another blood draw on Monday. But, sh^t, you know, to get anything done you have to take the bull by the horns....and then shake the hell out of it.

Hopefully we're still on track to do the transfer Thursday...but we won't know until Monday.

Meanwhile, my husband has developed male performance anxiety. The problem with this kind of anxiety is that you (me) can't even say, "WTF...get a grip and just pull it together?" because that only makes matters worse. Now the kind of male performance anxiety I'm talking about has to do with my Delestrogen IM injections.

The first shot went fine. The second time, he panicked, and his hand shook, and he bounced the needle off my skin (did you know a needle could bounce?). But he finally did it. Last night, with the new lower dosage, his needle-bearing hand shook like he had the DT's. He stopped because, you know, it's hard to hit a target with a sharp object when your hand is wobbling all over the freaking place. Then he just did it....and holy hurt! But like I said, you can't scold or question because it will only make it worse for next time. For the rest of the night I limped around the house like I had a horse in my ass.

He just said, "Well, I guess I'll never be a neurosurgeon." "No," I said, "I guess you won't."


K said...

Yes, you do have to take the bull by the horns and do everything yourself if you want the best possible outcome. It sucks too. Good luck.

looking4#3 said...

I find it kind of endearing that your hubby is so nervous about sticking you!!!!! My hubby would LOVE the opportunity and do it willingly with a HUGE grin on his face!!! He was disappointed to find out that IUI did not require his assistance with shots----admitting, he was looking forward to "shooting me in the ass!!!" I think I might have to find someone else to help me out in the event we go with IVF!!!!

cindyhoo2 said...

I am quite impressed with your gumption in getting your results. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you still get to transfer on Thursday.

I also know that "I can grin and bear" a bad shot feeling. It's a catch 22 really... can't do it yourself and can't spend all your time with serious butt pain either.

IVF 40+ said...

The shots are tricky. Have DH change the needle once the shot is drawn, if that is possible. The rubber stopper blunts the sharp end of the needle as draw the liquid into the barrel.
Heat helps me - 15 mins with a heating pad over the area.

It's so nerve wracking sticking someone else, the key for me was deep breathing and going slowly.
Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry the shots are such a pain - literally. We also changed the needle (to a smaller size) after the PIO was drawn in, and I iced the area for about 5 minute ahead. Honestly I couldn't feel a thing. Afterwards I use the heating pad on low for about 10 minutes if I have time, it's kinda luxurious. And I found I *could* do it myself if I had to, but I think it is good for the hubby to be involved unless he is just killing your b*tt!