Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thanks for the outpouring of support!

About my transfer yesterday:

Once we got the call and arrived at the Clinic, we waited in the waiting room 15 minutes. Glad we rushed out the door.

They had me change into a gown, blue OR bonnet and blue booties. The doctor came in with the microscopic photo of our embies. Four of 5 survived the thaw. Number 4 looked all frazzled though, with lots of fragmentation. Two looked really good and the third was so-so with a little bit of fragmentation. So she pointed and said, "We'll put these 3 back." Yup, let's do it!

One of the girls drew my blood, took my blood pressure and asked if I was nervous because she could give me a X.anax. What? And be zoned out for all the fun? I wasn't the least bit nervous, just excited. Besides, I've never taken X.anax and with my luck, I'd have some kooky reaction. So, no thanks, I want to be alert for the whole thing!

Finally they had my DH leave and took me back to the "OR." I put it in quotes because it was not a white, cold, austere room. Not at all. The walls were a dusty shade of heather pink. The room was dimly lit and WARM. The embies like it warm, so I (who don't like being cold) felt cozy and happy and mellow.

Up on the table, knees in stirrups. The same gal who offered me the X.anax did the U/S. I gulped 3 or 4 glasses of water before leaving the hotel room, so by now my bladder looked like a huge 10 pound black bowling ball. She said, "Wow, your bladder is SO full!" Um, yeah. Uterus was nice and flat.

The doc explained that they have you fill your bladder so that it sits on the uterus, squashing it down flat. On the U/S, it looked like a horseshoe that had the long arms pressed flat together. This way, the vagina and cervix become one long, straight pathway to the uterus.

The doc was great and pointed out everything on the U/S before we began. I don't know what gets into me...but sometimes when I'm excited or anxious, I get this weird sense of humor. The doc uncovered me to begin and all of a sudden, two or three more people came into the room. They were in OR attire, but nobody said, "Hi, I'm so-and-so" or "Hi, I'm one of the techs" or anything. One of them said to my U/S girl, "Oh, Kaela, you're in here, I was wondering where you were." And I turned my head and said, "Yeah, we're having a party in here. C'mon in!" The doc, from between my knees, says, "Yeah, and tell all those other people in the hall that they can come in too." And then I said, "Sure, everybody pour yourselves a drink and make yourselves comfortable." I am a dork.

So those of you who have done this before know that you have a speculum inside pushing pressure outward, and you have a person pressing an U/S wand on your belly really hard. And you have a full bladder. So I was sort of puffing and holding my breath alternately. Not because anything hurt, but just because I was trying to hold in my bladder. Kaela said, "Are you okay?" and I said, "Yes, I'm just puffing so I don't pee on the doctor." One of the several observers in the room giggled.

It was quite a show, I'm sure. So finally the doc gets the catheter he wanted (which at first nobody could find the size or shape or whatever it was) and then at last the other doctor came in with the embryos. I watched on the screen as a white line (the catheter) snaked its way up the canal almost to the top of my uterus. Then he withdrew the catheter and it was over. The other doctor went to look at the cathether under the microscope to be sure none of the embies got left behind. I had a hard time not blurting out, "So, doc, thanks for knocking me up!" Like I said, weird, silly stuff tends to pop out of my mouth when I'm giddy. Instead he shook my hand and wished me luck and I thanked him ever so much.

I had to lay there for an hour, but the room was so nice and dim and warm that I almost fell asleep. Sweet Kaela brought me a bedpan so I could relieve my bladder. They even gave me my Delestrogen shot before I left (which made my DH very happy).

My orders are 24 hours strict bed rest, lying flat on my back as much as possible. Okay, THAT is uncomfortable. Muscles aching. The bed rest is the worst part of it all. Then I have 2 more days of limited activity.

My belly feels...strange. I feel weird little twinges from time to time. I'm really looking forward to sleeping on my side tonight.

My pg test is scheduled for July 13. I will definitely be peeing on sticks before then. I don't like surprises.

Strangely, though, since the whole procedure was relatively easy, and because I didn't really feel anything aside from a bulging bladder, it's hard for me to think that there really are 3 little embies in there right now. I can't seem to quite grasp the concept. I'm hoping for symptoms. I'm hoping that as the days go by, something will happen so I will know.

Just like in Dr. S.euss's "H.orton Hears A W.ho", a little voice from my embies saying, "Hi, Mom, we're here, we're here, we are heeeeere!" would be most appreciated.


just me, dawn said...

well, that sounds like the easiest transfer :) yay!! and now technically you are pregnant, you have growing embies in you :) and I can't wait to hear about a positive pee stick!! yay!

cindyhoo2 said...

Wow! That is quite an adventure and I love the Horton image. Wouldn't it be nice to have Little Cindy Lou Who Embryo yell, "Hey MOM, I just attached! I am planning to hang around here for about 9 months. I'll be causing you some nausea soon."

looking4#3 said...

I totally and completely get and enjoy your humor!!! Thanks for giving me belly laughs I haven't had in just over a week now!!!
I am sure---positive that atleast one, if not two and possibly all three are "hanging tight"!!! How could any baby not want to stick around and have you as a Mom??? Can't wait to hear all about your signs, symptoms and BFP!!! I'll be checking in on you...blogging from the shore!!!

embieadoptmom said...

HOW ON EARTH did you lay flat for 24 hours. I'm afraid I will fall asleep and roll over! TIPS PLEASE before my transfer!

Hugs to you and your 3 babies!

C Lo said...

Stupid question: do they give you pain meds?

tireegal68 said...

wow - so it's different from what I have heard and that no bedrest is needed? Silly me likes the idea but I know I will get bored!!