Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7dp3dt - Labs and Jobs

Despite my preoccupation with an upcoming beta, there is a whole lot going on right now to occupy my brain.

First, progesterone b/w this morning. I have been stuffing suppositories like little Agustus stuffed candy into his mouth in the original Wi.lly W.onk.a movie. Let's hope I get a good number! I'd hate to have to do this more often.

Second, my new job. Remember? A while back I got a job offer and they agreed to let me start after my procedure? Welllllll....there's been a glitch. Let's just say I am currently "on hold." I have been in communication with the boss, who is still excited to hire me, but a few unanticipated obstacles have cropped up that are delaying things. It appears I will likely still get the job, but who knows.

Third, while I await word on the job, I received a phone call for a job I applied for in early May inviting me for a job interview. Um, okay. I am still technically unemployed and looking. This place wanted to interview me last Tuesday - the day we were on the road traveling to the Clinic. So they rescheduled me for this Thursday at 12:30. I think they are jamming me in during the lunch hour. But it would be a very cool job. This of course might pose timing issues with the other position, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. At any rate, in order to prepare for the interview, I will spend much of today doing my homework and researching the agency.

Fourth, I have only gained 3 pounds since the Clinic forbade me from exercising - it's been since April! I was scared to death to step on the scale, but I did it yesterday and the number surprised me. BUT - those 3 pounds and everything else has sort of shifted. I never had a round, poochy belly. Round hips, yes. Belly? No. Now it seems I have a rounder midsection than I used to. I have one skirt suit that will fit, but only if I suck it in the whole time. Oh, that's going to be comfortable!

So you see, by the time I exhale and peel myself out of that suit, why, it will nearly be Friday!


K said...

Congrats on the "other" job interview! That sounds like a fine way to take your mind off the 2ww - at least some of it anyway. Having options is always a good thing!

just me, dawn said...

good luck on the interview!! and praying for a good prog number for you :)

stillhopeful said...

Always good to have options, and the idea of a "cool" job sounds great!

And yeah - gotta love those suppositories... yuck! I was on them, too, after my IVFs because I was allergic to the PIO shots. Let's hope the numbers are good!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've got lots of stuff going on to keep you occupied and not just waiting for Friday.

I hope you have great prog numbers, I can't believe it's so close to beta for you, I'm keeping everything crossed for friday.

Good news on the job front, best of luck for the interview!

embieadoptmom said...

I never got forbade from exercise? Should I be stopping-okay I am! I am SO paranoid about everything with my up coming transfer LOL!

Oh, Augustus GLOOP, that kid! YOu are cracking me up!

I'm sure God will send you the PERFECT job for you at just the right time!

looking4#3 said...

Busy is good!! It leaves far less time for "thinking"---that can never be good!!!!
Sounds like the job hunt is moving in the right direction!!!!

embieadoptmom said...

I'm not taking Lupron, that's probably why they never told me :)
Hugs friend!

Lorraine said...

Suck in those three pounds, and good luck with the interview! It's great to have so much going on to distract you from just counting the minutes.

tireegal68 said...

wow - it's all coming at once - all the excitement of getting knocked up and having two jobs in the pipeline!
Good luck with the suit - that sounds painful. I went for a job interview once with tight trousers on and I squirmed through the whole thing. How about a girdle!!! I am sure Augustus would approve! fx for all good things and jobs and babies to come your way:)