Thursday, July 16, 2009

In A Holding Pattern

Thanks to everyone for their congrats and support.

And yes, now I'm back in a 2ww. Two weeks until my U/S to hope I don't screw things up.

Yesterday, in 102 degree heat, I emptied the water from the hard plastic kiddie pool that our dogs use. I use a bucket and a "scoop and toss" method that requires a lot of squatting and twisting. Afterward, my belly felt a little strained. I was hoping it was simply my abdominal muscles protesting (I've been a little overprotective of my belly lately).

Okay, girl, time to be careful and to THINK before acting.

Oh, no job interview today either. About 2 hours after the woman called me to set up the interview, she called back to cancel it. She mentioned that there is a list of surplus employees (the laid off state workers) who they must first consider. [Me, thinking, um, yeah, I knew that - didn't you know that when you called me?]. She asked whether I was on the surplus list. No, I am not. Which it seems to me they should have realized. I submitted an application and a resume, which clearly shows I worked for a private firm and was not a state employee. So the interview is off. Until the list is cleared, apparently, I cannot be considered. I wish one hand would check with the other to figure out what is going on before calling unemployed hopefuls.

Nevertheless, I am going to make today a good day. I hope you all have a good day, too.


IVF 40+ said...

I would be taking it very easy, especially in the summer heat. Amazing that healthcare professionals make the worst patients!!
The whole squatting and lifting thing... not so much!!

cindyhoo2 said...

Great news on the 2nd beta!!! And this is a good time to do VERY LITTLE. You have a great excuse... mom.

BB said...

102!!! Sit down girl!! Chill out and have some lemonade! :) Glad to see you had a good day. Keep them going. Breathe, your pregnant :)


Alex P said...

1) dont over exert. thats what hubby is for.

2) next time the inquirer is too lazy to look at the list of employees, just tell her youre on it. (serves her right)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the girls above, take it easy!! no point in being worried afterwards!

Sorry for the job interview but I'm sure something will come up soon. Big hugs and can't wait to read your updates, Fran.

stillhopeful said...

Yeah, this is such a weird time, especially if you're not having many symptoms. You don't feel or look pregnant, you haen't told anyone, yet you know you're not supposed to do or eat certain things. I almost felt like an imposter in the beginning, taking all of those precautions! But it's a good time to relax and ease up on your to-do list if you can!