Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snap Me Out

Today has just been a weird day.

At C Lo's suggestion, I went outside this morning to look for green worms on my tomato plants. I admit I was a bit apprehensive and thought I might be really grossed out if I saw one. But I looked and looked and it's like they're ghosts or something. I didn't see a darn thing.

I went to my awkward luncheon today. The presentation (all about making and being a female partner at a law firm) seemed nothing more than a bunch of hot air to me. And of course one of the presenters was 8 mos pregnant, so all I could think about was, "Lucky month to go." The presenter whom I formerly worked with was the biggest airbag of all. Talking about how to have balance with family and work. Yeah, right, she's got no kids and recently split from her husband. I guess the whole "balance" thing didn't really work out for her. The only good thing about the luncheon was running into a good friend from law school whom I adore. She and I agreed we must meet for lunch at least once a month to talk and laugh and cope with the insanity. She's doing family law - divorces and custody hearings - which sounds like hell in a court room if you ask me. She thinks she's getting an ulcer and she's barely 30 years old.

This afternoon my neighbor came over and rang the doorbell. He and his brother live together in a house left to them by their grandfather, who was the original owner. The guys are in their early 30's. The older brother has a utility work truck. You know, like a pickup but with lockers or cabinets or whatever along the sides of the bed, to store tools and things for his construction work. Well, at 3:20 this afternoon, the one brother looked out the kitchen window and saw some guys ransacking the utility truck, which was backed into the driveway! They got robbed in broad daylight while at home! He saw the car, but it had no license plate on it, so he presumes it's a stolen vehicle. He was pretty freaked out and upset. Uh, yeah, me too. We certainly don't live in a "bad" neighborhood, but crimes of opportunity seem to be on the rise.

So, I'm just in this weird place at the moment and waiting to snap back into a feeling of normalcy.


cindyhoo2 said...

Ugh,we recently had a neighbor have their home broken into. That gave me the willies for days! I hate it when real life encroaches upon the safe and happy world I have created for yourself.

And whoa lady, slow down! You still have many happy pregnant events to come yet.... like the 1st u/s when you see the hb and the 2nd u/s when they say all is well, and having your first real appt with an OB, and morning sickness and the 2nd trimester when all is happy.... and the last trimester when you curse your cankles..... so many happy times. You can be your own smug pregnant self for many months when you attend those wretched luncheons. I think you should take to saying things like... "Oh, being pregnant makes all that seem sooooo unimportant now. I am creating a new life." Of course these statements may only be uttered when you are in a room filled with evil women (and you can make secret annoyed faces at your sweet friend)! See, good times!

And yes, family law is one of Dante's inner rings of hell.

embieadoptmom said...

I'm in a weird place too. Now that I have nothing to do until my estrogen shot Saturday...what's a girl to do?

embieadoptmom said...

PS-don't RUSH this pregnancy, it's going to be such a JOY! Can't wait to join you!

Anonymous said...

Mmhh worms? they would chew the leaves though. I stick to the bats theory! :o)

In our estate we had a few breakins in a row last summer, I was petrified!! they were going in when people were inside, sleeping, to get the car keys and take the car!! Can you imagine? Totally worrying.

Also I have to tell you I love your comments on my blog, you are always so warm and supportive! I am so happy you found me (and I found you!)

just me, dawn said...

glad that you got something positive out of the luncheon. And I totally understand the feeling you had about the 8mo preggo....try and enjoy the ride, I know it is hard :)

stillhopeful said...

Yeah, that break in thing can be scary when it's close to home.

When we moved into our development, the front and back doors didn't have deadbolts, just the little lock on the door knob. In fact, none of the houses that we looked at in that development seemed to have deadbolts. It's definitely a safe area, but I like security! It was on our to-do list to buy and install good locks, but a year and a half went by and it kept falling lower on that never-ending honey-do list...

Well, one of the first things we did when I got pregnant was go out to Lowes to buy good locks. But of course, I also realized that I wanted a new door with the nice leaded glass to let the light in. And the side lights to match. And a nice, coordinating locking screen/storm door so we could get a good cross breeze in the spring and cut our heating bill in the summer. Well, needless to say, a $50 set of two deadbolts turned into a $2,000+ door replacement project.

I have a feeling that's how the nursery decorating will go...