Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Just some random thoughts and observations today.

(1) One Mean Pie.
Remember I said I had to find things to do with my time? Well, a friend of mine has a plum tree that puts out these amazingly sweet, juicy plums. She called to say the plums were ripe, if I wanted to come pick some. I did. A huge bagful. Nobody can (nor, for the sake of their digestive system, should they) eat so many plums. But they were really, really ripe. So I peeled and cut up about 20 of them, added some blueberries, and made a homemade pie! For added measure, I made a some homemade vanilla ice cream. I swear I only eat one piece of pie a day!

(2) Squirrel Aid.
I mentioned that it was 106 degrees here the other day. You know, that's pretty hot. The dogs and I went outside only briefly for quick potty breaks (well, them, not me) and quick splashes in the kiddie pool. Because of the big tree in the middle of our yard and telephone lines, the place is a veritable squirrel super highway. Well, I tell you what. The squirrels have been hot too. Now I don't like that they rouse the dogs and make them bark like maniacs. And I don't like that they eat the persimmons from our tree long before they turn orange. But I feel badly when it is so doggone hot. So I take the hose and spray the base of the tree to cool it off. The squirrels will come down (once the dogs are back in the house) and lie flat-bellied in the dirt or on the cool bark of the tree in the shade. It's really quite an odd to see them splayed out like that if you've never seen such a thing before, so I snapped a few pictures which are not very clear since I had to super-zoom from inside the house. The squirrels in these photos will lie still, in these positions, until the dogs go back outside and chase them up the tree.

(3) Wacky P reaches new heights.
So the other day my DH was on the phone with his mom and I heard him say, "Wait till I tell BWUB about that!" Wacky P lives only about 10 minutes from us. Apparently she is having a squirrel invasion as well, and the varmints are working over her garden. She got her husband (oh, I'm sure it was her idea) to get a BB gun and shoot the squirrels. No shit. Now look, if you live in the country and you have to shoot wild animals to protect yourself or your property, I totally get that. But we live in the freaking suburbs! So first of all, I'm just flabbergasted that they're shooting and killing the squirrels. But wait. It gets better. Can you guess? Oh yeah, I think you can! What would one do, after all, once they have shot and killed a squirrel in their yard? Why, they cook it and eat it, of course! No, I am not kidding you. Wacky P is serving roast squirrel to her children for dinner. This throws a whole new light on my sil (gag).

(4) Awkward luncheon.
Tomorrow I am going to a business luncheon. I used to go every month, but did not attend the past two months. Tomorrow's presentation will be given by three women who will discuss how to make law firm partner. One of the presenters is a woman partner at the law firm from which I was laid off. I worked closely with her on a few cases. I think she is mean, micromanaging and a snob. I know from the lips of a senior partner that none of the associates like working with her because she is so horrible to people. could be awkward. But it won't be. Know why? Because I'm pregnant and I'm happy and I know that the reason she is so mean is because she is insecure and unhappy in her life. I'll smile and eat my vegetarian polenta quietly.

(5) Mouse poop?
Can anybody tell me what these little nubby things are on my tomato leaves? They look like tiny mouse poop or something. I just flick it off or hose down the plant first thing in the morning. But I'd like to know what I'm dealing with.

That's about it for today.


stillhopeful said...

Eating squirrel???? Seriously? You're giving me morning sicknss for the first time!!!

embieadoptmom said...

You are SO cracking me up! Oh heavens! We have black squirrels here. They are ALL THE RAGE LOL! You are right, just sit there at the meeting and smile inside knowing that your heart and tummy are filled with one or two little growing lives and THAT is what really matters :)

tireegal68 said...

I love your kind and humane squirrel story - but your sil - yeauch! isn't there a law against killing wild animals? Do they think they are being thrifty by eating the animal for supper or something?!
The pie looks wonderful! And home-made ice-cream to boot!!! Wow! Not sure where you are in Ca, but that is hot hot hot!
As for the stinky nasty ex colleague / boss type - I wish I could think of something superior and clever you could do to piss her off, but I guess being all smug and pregnant is a fine plan!!!
No idea on the mouse poop - except perhaps surveillance cameras!!!

Alex P said...

I would be terrified that animals in the burbs would be eating all the weird stuff burb people put in their garbage, on their lawns, in their trees- weird bug repellant, strange abandoned wads of duct tape, uh... pesticides and mosquito killing gunk, lead paint that flaked off the garage.... feeding that squirrel to her kids is basically assuming that theyre already too dumb to be damaged by all those things. When you eat something, youre eating what theyve eaten. GROSS GROSS GROSS.

Laugh laugh laugh at her.

you are so hilarious.

Polenta and pie. delicious.

Mad Hatter said...

What a great post! I love reading your blog! LOVE the squirrel pics and the pie looks divine...and YAY for happy pregnant you!

Anonymous said...

Listen to me. TOMATO WORMS. YOU HAVE TOMATO WORMS. The eaten leaves were a hint, the poop is a DEAD GIVE AWAY. They poop like mofos. That is tomato worm poo. That's how I JUST found a tomato worm on one of my plants......the poo. I knew what to look for this year.

Anonymous said...

tomorrow morning, go look for the poops, then look on the underside of the leaf above it OR the underside of the leaf it's on. my money is on that is where you will find the worm. Seriously, read the post I's like one of those bad 3-d see nothing and then all of the sudden you'll see it, it will just POP right out at you (figuratively, not literally).

Lorraine said...

First, let me just gag on the idea of eating urban squirrel. Those things have been living in trash piles and asbestos-insulated attics. I can almost kind of get the idea that someone might like eating a Tennessee mountain squirrel that has led a life of natural streams and pesticide-free berries, but - yuck.

Second, I agree with C Lo - you have hornworms. They blend in exactly with the tomato stems, so you have to look under each leaf. Be merciless.

Other than that, seems like things are going well - here's to more of that!

K said...

So funny...I have a SIL (one that I don't officially claim) that grew up eating opossum. Seriously. But your squirrel pictures are far too cute and I'm so glad you hose the trees for them. Will have to ask Mr. W about your tomato leaf problem. That's his area of expertise.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the photos of the squirrels! So nice of you to take care of them like that...I would too if they would lay all funny like that for me too! That pie looks absolutely are quite the cook/baker and I'm throughly impressed.

Riley said...

I love your posts - always so entertaining! First off, that pie looks amazing and I can't believe you made homemade ice cream to go with it - when can I come over - yum!! And the squirrels cooling off is too funny - we have tons of squirrels in our yard but I have never seen them do anything like that! I have no idea - what those poopies are on your plant - it does look like mouse poop but I seriously doubt that's what it is. Hmmm....I'm having a serious fungus issue with my zuchinni plant but not weird mouse poop-like issues!

just me, dawn said...

eeewwww on the squirrel eating, but you just can't keep the rednecks down.
If you have ever seen the bunnies on the golf courses in AZ after they water the greens....just like your squirrels all streched out in the cool water/shade, it always cracked me up.
everyone's posts on the worms creeped me out....good luck.

cindyhoo2 said...

Those squirrel pics are TOO CUTE!I love that you are taking care of them too. The tomato advice also sounds good. Think pesticides. I am as organic as possible but a seriou infestation requires serious intervention. As for the squirrel eatin', as a current Tennessee resident, I still would not trust the healthful nature of our fluffy-tailed rodents. :-)

IVF 40+ said...

Is it possible to email pie?? Dear lord women - look at that thing! THANK YOU for everything. you are wonderful and your support is amazing.